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TNA Impact results, live blog (Aug. 25, 2016): Drew Galloway vs. EC3!

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TNA Impact is back tonight (Aug. 25, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans and viewers.

Tonight, EC3 will face Drew Galloway where the winner gets to main event Bound for Glory. Newcomer Aron Rex will be the special guest referee. There is also an open invite battle royal to crown a number one contender to face Bobby Lashley for his TNA title prior to the pay-per-view. And likely we'll get some of the Broken Hardys as they build their feud with Decay and what's next for Gail Kim's journey to a Knockouts title match.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The show starts with Galloway and EC3 meeting on a rooftop pool. They were both invited by someone unknown. That was weird. It leads into a video package recapping the Galloway/Carter feud.

Apparently the video on the roof by the pool is a tease of a video they'll show later.

Number One Contender's battle royal

Lashley comes out to sit on commentary for the number one contender's battle royal. Pope doesn't stick around given their past history.

The BroMans, Eli Drake, the Tribunal, Grado, Mahabali Shera, Mike Bennett, Moose, Eddie Edwards are in this match

  • Baron Dax was eliminated first by his own partner, Basile Baraka.
  • Moose easily eliminated Shera.
  • Basile Baraka eliminates Robbie E
  • Moose then eliminates Baraka
  • Eli Drake eliminates Grado
  • Eddie Edwards eliminates Eli Drake (after a couple savvy saves by Drake)
  • Moose eliminates Jessie Godderz, leaving just him, Eddie, and Bennett
  • Mike Bennett eliminates both Moose and Edwards at the same time to win
Mike Bennett wins to become #1 contender


Backstage, Moose is PISSED at Bennett. Miracle is trying to blame Eddie Edwards. Maria Kanellis, who is there, soon gets the camera to leave.

Broken Hardys/Decay segment

Broken Matt Hardy walks to the ring carrying a contract for the tag team title match against Decay (or as he calls it, a "majestic key that unlocks destiny.") He claims the titles are currently decaying and can only be restored by his Broken Brilliance.

Jeff's music plays. The Impact Zone does a fantastic job chanting "obsolete" to his music. Matt is confused to why he is here. Jeff say he's here to work, wrestle, and win for him and the creatures.

Rosemary interrupts from the empty part of the Zone. She talks about how the Hardys still care about what others think about them but the Decay did away with that long ago. Rosemary says they have some thing the Hardys want and they won't let them have them. Abyss comes out from the entrance and tells them the Decay will take joy in destroying what's left of the Hardy legacy... and it'll be beautiful like him. Crazzy Steve is standing in the crowd, telling them they have so much to lose. Steve says Matt isn't currently broken, but the Decay will shatter them. No matter how many premonitions he has, they'll never see them coming.

Broken Matt says he knows which Decay member will try to kidnap King Maxel and he will reveal it tonight and then eat that person. Rosemary tells Matt they don't play by their rules but the Broken One says that they don't even know his rules. Matt then says to pick one of them to fight his broken Brother Nero. Abyss takes the challenge.

Brother Nero vs. Beautiful Abyss

During the match, Matt is on the microphone telling Brother Nero he needs him to delete Abyss. The crowd willingly does the "Delete" chant.

Abyss controls much of the match until Jeff has his standard comeback. But when he goes for the Swanton, Matt makes him stop, telling him he has to learn not to be a spot monkey and instead fight with honor. He doesn't Swanton Abyss but instead splashes Steve on the outside. Steve ends up following Jeff back in the ring with a chain. Jeff is able to neutralize both men and while the ref is dealing with Steve, Nero uses the chain and hits a low blow on Abyss. But that's not enough to put away the monster.

The Monster hits a chokeslam and then calls Steve back onto the apron for the mist. Steve misses and hits Abyss but that's still not enough to put away Abyss.

Outside, Matt says it's Steve he say in his premonition and starts biting he hell out of him. During that chaos, Rosemary mists Brother Nero who is on the top rope and this allows Abyss to put Jeff away.

Abyss def. Nero

After the match, Steve is in the ring laughing despite being mauled by the Broken One. He uses his blood to make a cross on the fallen Brother Nero. Matt is unhappy as he watches along. He tells Decay that their day of deletion will soon come at their hands. He then tells Brother Nero has much to learn, still going to the top rope and losing matches because of it. Matt tells his brother to stop fighting the fact he's broken.


Backstage, Maria is upset, yelling at Allie for missing the fact Sienna has a KOs title match. Billy Corgan comes and tells them he made the title match. Sienna is not scared, saying there's no one on the roster who can face her. Billy tells her that the match is next.

Backstage, Lashley tells Miracle to be careful what he wishes for. Bennett tells him that he's not going to intimidate him. Miracle reminds Lashley he's beaten everyone here and now he's going to beat the Destroyer. The champ tells him that he's always had help - his wife, Moose - but he's never needed help. He also tells the challenger that he should be worried about Moose as well.

Sienna (c) vs. Marti Bell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Allie vs. Jade for the KOs championship

Allie wanted to help Siena double suplex Rayne but didn't know how to. She tries to help Sienna but she proves to be a detriment much of the match, though proves as a good distraction at times.

Allie is actually the last woman standing for a moment but then it breaks down a bit.

Marti introduces the baton but Allie grabs it. During the tug of war, Sienna, who is behind Allie, gets nailed with the baton. Marti knocks Allie down, who falls onto Madison. Jade attacks Marti, not realizing that Allie is actually covering Madison Rayne for the 1-2-3

Allie wins the KOs title

Backstage, Allie is surprised she's champion during an interview. Then she realizes Maria is going to be furious.


Back to the rooftop summit. They takes some shots. EC3 wants to know what Drew's problem is and Drew says that he knows -- it's all the times he cost him the world title. Drew said he knows Carter didn't mean it but he asked him to stay out of it and EC3 wouldn't listen. Carter tells Galloway that the reason he's not champion is because he's lost. EC3 tells Drew he apologized by giving him the match tonight. The Scotsman warns him that he's going to be at a different level tonight. They take a final shot with a toast - EC3 touches the shot glass to the table first. Drew doesn't. Galloway shoves EC3 in the pool at the end.

In the parking, Moose is leaving. Lashley pulls up trying to stir the pot with Moose's relationship with Bennett. The champ invites Moose to dinner with him to discuss things.

The Fact of Life with Eli Drake & the X Division

Drake discusses how poor TNA management is but if they want to bring him in his KOTM title, he'll change his mind. They don't, which he expected.

He then tells the X Division that one of them is going to be X Division champion next week. To stir the pot, Drake wants them all to mention who they think has no chance to win the title. Rockstar Spud jumps in saying it's Sutter. Sutter calls Spud a little crybaby and makes fun of his braces, which he has because Braxton kicked his teeth out. This sets Spud on a long rant.

Drake tells all of them he isn't convinced any of them have the tingle in their loins to walk out with that title. DJ Z tells Drake he knows nothing about the X Division nor the athletes in it. He says he has a message for Lashley - someone will beat him from the X Division and it will be DJ Z.

Drake goes on a "Dummy button" spam and DJ dares him to do it one more time. Drake is about to, Z pushes the podium down, and all of the X Division guys fight. Dj Z ends up standing with the title in the middle of the ring.

EC3 vs. Drew Galloway with Aron Rex as special guest referee

Winner main events Bound for Glory

Things are pretty even early on with Rex staying out of the way. Galloway eventually takes control and hits a Celtic Cross to EC3 onto the ring steps. Carter barely avoids being counted out and Drew takes it to him.

EC3 is able to eventually side step a charging Drew and Russian Leg Sweep him into the turnbuckle. Galloway fights back and tries for a Celtic Cross from the middle turnbuckle but EC3 slips down and hits Drew wth a double powerbomb. A series of reversals lead to the TK3. This leads to a bunch of back and forth action with neither man getting a full advantage and eventually leaves them both down in the middle of the ring.

The men get to their feet and exchange a long series of chops. Galloway hits the Claymore but EC3 gets his foot on the rope. Carter hits a hangman's One Percenter from the second rope but that's not enough. A tombstone piledriver from Drew to Carer isn't enough.

Drew sets up for a Future Shock DDT but EC3 is able to turn that into a pinning combination for the 1-2-3.

EC3 def. Galloway

Aron Rex called it down the middle.

After the match, Rex goes to shake Drew's hand, but Drew headbutts him and starts kicking the shit out of him! Full heel turn for Drew!

On the outside, he gives Rex two spine busters onto the ring apron and tosses him back first into the ring post! He then tosses Rex into the ring steps and knocks his head into it as TNA goes off the air.

That's the show, everyone. Thanks for watching with us!

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