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Love it or hate it, the Hardys have everyone talking (and WWE allegedly copying) #FinalDeletion

Been a while since TNA was this prominently on wrestling fans’ radar for anything other than their alleged financial woes.

But what started as just another Hardy Brothers feud turned into something else with the contract signing on the May 31st episode of Impact Wrestling, and subsequent "Director’s Cut" video. A unique piece of business most commonly described as "so bad, it’s good" was only the start of the lunacy which will come to a head on the July 5 episode with a #FinalDeletion match which promises to include fireworks and drones aerial assault robots.

Some people hate it. We haven't heard from Jim Cornette yet, but he'll probably weigh in soon.

A wrestler who was recently the subject of a little controversy himself is not a fan. Will Ospreay even used it as an example of why he was never serious about signing with TNA when he spoke to The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast:

I just did not want to be with TNA because for me, personally, especially with the recent, video that the Hardys released. It's not me shooting, but I just don't like it. I think it was so bad.

"Wrestling Isn't Wrestling" creator, WWE consultant and Hollywood screenwriter Max Landis loved it:

We won't know for a while, if ever, what the reaction has been, Wrestling Observer Radio reports several WWE Superstars received an advance copy of the footage (the match took place on Matt & Jeff's property in Cameron, North Carolina, so it wasn't seen by fans as part of the tapings of which most of tonight's episode will consist).

Further, it's mentioned that the angle could have "inspired" WWE to build toward New Day vs. The Wyatt Family in the manner which was set-up on yesterday's Raw, with Bray inviting Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods to their compound in Lousiana.

Will this be something that influences generations to come, or the latest LOLTNA moment?

Only Senor Benjamin knows for sure.

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