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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (July 5, 2015): The Final Deletion!

Impact Wrestling YouTube

TNA Impact is back tonight (July 5, 2016) from Orlando, Florida. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans and viewers.

Tonight, the Hardy Brothers have their "Final Deletion" match taped at Matt Hardy's house in Cameron, North Carolina, Mike Bennett will try to hold onto his title until Destination X so he can exchange it for a world title shot, and the Decay will face the BroMans & Raquel.

We'll be here at 9 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The show starts with a video of Senior Benjamin saying that this show has things performed by professionals and not to try it at home. This is going to be great!

They then move to a birthday party for Maxel at the Sanctuary of the Genesis. Benjamin asks Reby in Spanish if everything is OK with Matt. Matt says his gift for Maxel is his expunging the Evil Enigma from the the family tree. Oh yes. Then he tells Benjamin to prepared the battlefield for MASSACRE!


We're back in the Impact Zone for with Maria Kanellis and X Division champ Mike Bennett. The champ says he's exercising Option C. He talks about how he's the hero that TNA needs. Dixie Carter comes out to the ring. She claims that Bennett has been disrespecting every X Division athlete that has came before him. Because of that, Bennett is going to have to defend his title tonight again before he can do so. And it's going to be against the entire roster in an Ultimate X Match.

Ultimate X Match for the X Division title

The match has Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Mandrews, Braxton Sutter, Rockstar Spud, DJ Z, & Eddie Edwards. And Mike Bennett obviously.

Braxton Sutter kicked Rockstar Spud so bad he immediately started bleeding and they took him to the back. (Spud tweeted his chipped tooth earlier today on Twitter so that's legit.)

Lee and Everett do some team work with Lee on Everett's shoulders before Bennett breaks it up, so it looks like the Helms Dynasty is on the same page today. Then Bennett starts trying to jump for the title in a pretty funny spot. He finally goes to climb but loses his grip and falls.

Then soon turns into a series of spots where guys keep diving on each other from over the ropes. And then Mandrews tops them all with a flip from the Ultimate X rope!

Mike Bennett finally goes for a ladder since he cannot climb the ropes. But Edwards baseball kicks the ladder and knocks the Miracle down. Edwards starts climbing the rope as Miracle brings in the ladder. Eddie is able to kick Bennett off the ladder and grab the title to win.

Fun match.

Eddie Edwards wins the X Division championship


They show a backstage video from last week of EC3 and Drew Galloway arguing and then physically brawling backstage accusing each other for costing each other the title. EC3 and Galloway were suspended for those actions. (The first time in wrestling history a wrestling brawl got someone suspended.)

Eli Drake (c) vs. James Storm for the King of the Mountain Championship

Eli Drake has control and tries to introduce the title belt as a weapon. He argues with the ref about it for awhile which allows Storm to come back. He hits the Last Call Superkick but it knocks Drake out of the ring. When Storm is trying to break the count to prevent the count out, Drake grabs the belt and blatantly hits Storm with it to cause a DQ.

Storm def. Drake via DQ

After the match, Eli Drake hits his Blunt Force Trauma finisher on Storm.


Backstage, Eddie Edwards says he's got a lot to think about regarding Option C.

Jade vs. Marti Bell in a street fight

There's a spot where Jade takes a couple Keno stick shots and demands some more, like the badass that she is.

Then she puts a garbage can on top of Marti and goes to town on her.

Marti eventually gets her baton but Jade finds some nunchucks (what is this, the Ambrose Asylum?) and beats her to it. Jade picked up the baton but opted not to use it. Instead, she hits a package piledriver onto a steel chair for the win.

Jade def. Marti Bell


We see Jeff Hardys house with all of his crazy yard art that he mows into the grass. Then he plays a little guitar.... but uh oh... what's this???? THERE'S A FRICKIN' DRONE WATCHING HIM!!! AND IT'S TALKING IN A MECHANICAL MATT HARDY VOICE!!!


Then as Jeff leaves the property, Matt Hardy wrecks his grass with a mower while laughing maniacally!!!


The Miracle is back in the ring and he's pissed. He is ranting about how no one appreciates him. Maria is with him and she demands Dixie Carter back down to the ring. They get Billy Corgan instead.

Maria continues talking about how she's the one who deserves to be president of TNA. She says that it's either Dixie or her. This finally gets Dixie to come on out.

Maria makes the men stand in front of her because she doesn't trust Dixie... though she soon gets in her face demanding over and over if it's going to be "you or me?" Dixie calls her bluff, saying she's not going anywhere. Bennett demands to be in the main event of Destination X for the world title... or they walk.

While Maria is flipping out again, Billy Corgan screams at her to stop. He calls Bennett and Maria entitled children. He says he's not going to watch them take advantage of Dixie like others have. If they want to quit, they can quit. Bennett says they won't quit, but they made their bed, and now they'll have to lie in it. Because he's going to ruin Destination X.


Senor Benjamin is preparing the battlefield for massacre. Broken Matt asks him to apply gasoline liberally to the battlefield.

Bobby Lashley is asked about Eddie Edwards winning the X Division title tonight. Lashley says he's never been in a fight that was won with a bunch of flips. He advises Edwards to keep the X Division title.

The BroMans & Raquel vs. Decay

Jessie cuts off the Decays entrance. He says that Decay should look at the monitor and it's a clip of Rosemary making out with Bram.

The match is mainly controlled by the Decay until Robbie gets a hot tag. It breaks down with everyone getting involved (including Raquel who hits a drop kick and then cross body onto the floor.) The match ends with a BroDown onto Crazzy Steve to give the Bromans the win.

The BroMans & Raquel def. the Decay


Eddie Edwards is in the ring with Jeremy Borash. JB asks Eddie for his decision on Option C. The the crowd doesn't want him to. Before he can make his choice, Lashley interrupts.

Lashley tells Edwards he's a great X Division champion, but he is the most dominant wrestling in the business today. The Destroyer tells Edwards that he doesn't want him to make a mistake. Eddie tells Bobby he doesn't scare him. He talks about working with broken bones prior. Lashley reminds Edwards that he ends careers, including Kurt Angle. He then suggests champion vs. champion instead.

Eddie Edwards knows the smart thing to do is to keep the title. Instead, he takes the title vs. title match.

Wow. Interesting.

Lashley then delivers a suplex to Eddie but when he goes for the spear, Eddie hits him with a knee. He holds both titles in the ring.


Via satellite Josh Mathews interviews Drew and EC3. Drew says he is this business personified. He says that EC3 isn't the wrestler nor man that he is. He says that EC3 is standing in his way. Ethan says he's beaten everyone in this company. EC3 says they are going to be in the same building next week and he's going to get his street fight clothes on and wait for him in the ring next week.



Referee drives up to the outdoor ring with Matt playing violin in the ring. Matt tells him he's just there to count the pin or record the submission. He's not allowed to resuscitate Brother Nero. He then summons Jeff BY PLAYING THE VIOLIN!

The Final Deletion

There's no way I'm going to be able to blow by blow this match. This is just going to be me marking out at different crazy spots.

Oh this music is fantastic.

We've had a kendo stick and now a ladder (and some decorative plant boards that were for some reason under the ring.)

Regular Twist of Fate and Swanton from Jeff obviously doesn't do the trick. So Jeff sets up Matt on a ladder propped up by the ropes, climbs a frickin' tree and Swantons him!! Still not enough!

Uh oh.... Matt has the frickin firework gun! He's firing it at Jeff who is BLOCKING WITH A TRASH CAN LID!!!

Now Jeff has the gun and he's returning fire from a retreating Matt!! Matt hides behind a boat to protect him from certain 3rd degree burns!

They fight into the water and Matt takes him under... BUT WILLOW EMERGES FROM THE WATER!!!! JEFF MORPHED INTO WILLOW!!


Matt gets the pin on Willow... but then he removes the mask and it's Senor Benjamin! Frickin' shit!!

These two fight into a ditch and Jeff chokes Matt out. He looks up at a Hardy brother's symbol construct that must be like 20 feet high and climbs it to set up for a Swanton. But Reby (or a spirit of Reby) hands Matt Maxel's first birthday candle from the first scene and the first spreads up the symbol and Jeff falls off. Matt is able to pin him!

Matt wins!!

Holy shit. I think I'm going to watch that again right now.


That's the show folks.

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