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Broken Matt Hardy’s Upcoming match with Brother Nero is something to get excited about

Oh man, I’m excited.

This Tuesday on TNA Impact, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are having what is likely the final match in their viral feud. After having a Full Metal Mayhem match and a cage match, they are doing something a bit different to close it out. The match is being taped from Matt Hardy’s estate and the brothers will fight in the surroundings of his mansion. It’s going to be outrageous. And I couldn’t be more pumped for it. In fact, it’s one of the matches I’m looking forward to most so far in 2016.

When Matt Hardy changed from his Big Money Matt character (which I loved) to the Broken Matt character, I was disappointed. I worried that this weird Matt Hardy was going to flop and we’d have lost the ICONIC Matt Hardy for nothing. I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried.

Matt Hardy’s Broken character is part of an overarching story of Matt’s slow descent into madness that dated back to January. It is weird, wacky, and wonderful. He has somehow found that sweet spot where it’s ridiculous but not too ridiculous where it’s too stupid to watch. He takes it serious but at the same time, knows it’s not. Making something that’s outrageous in a consistently entertaining way is not easy to pull off and this story has done so each step of the way.

Matt Hardy and his nemesis Brother Nero really got some attention when they had their big contract signing at Broken Matt’s mansion.

Ridiculous? Yes. Insane? Yes. Entertaining? Absolutely.

It’s OK to like it, even if you don’t expect to like something done from the Hardys at the twilights of their careers or something produced by TNA. Plenty of people love it, including Chris Jericho.

The only problem with the feud was that it was tough to have a match inside the ring that can capture the essence of what makes this work. Sure they can try some weird stuff, like at Slammiversary when Matt powerbombed his brother through a synthesizer, but the magic is out of the ring. Like with Matt Hardy made faces in his hotel room for five minutes without saying a single word after his first loss to Jeff. Or when he moaned from pain in bed for five minutes after the second one.

This story could never be confined by a six sided ring no matter how many props. No, it needed to be settled, as Matt so eloquently put it, at "the Sanctuary of our Genesis" in a match dubbed "The Final Deletion."

This Tuesday night they’ll have this match, taped prior on the Hardy estate and if the small previews we have seen already are any indication, it’s going to be fan-frickin-tastic.

Matt has his grounds keeper Señor Benjamin setting up his estate for MASSACRE. (Does Señor Benjamin get paid more to create a war zone for his employer and his brother to carry out their odd rivalries?) He’s got fireworks and fireworks guns which look like they are going to get a ton of play. There’s a ring outside, but this fight spills into the lake on the grounds. Jeff Hardy is doing Swantons from trees. Forget Independence Day 2. The Final Deletion is going to be this summer’s biggest blockbuster.

Even if you don’t watch TNA regularly, if you’ve enjoyed the videos that have come from this Hardy Brothers feud, it is going to be worth seeking this match out. It’s going to be like nothing else you see from any major promotion this year. It’s going to be wild, wacky, and wonderful. Get excited. I know I already am.

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