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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (July 28, 2016): Broken Matt Hardy vs. EC3!

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TNA Impact is back tonight (July 28, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at the new time of 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans and viewers.

Tonight is the second round of the Bound for Glory playoffs, with Broken Matt Hard vs. EC3 and the Miracle Mike Bennett vs. Drew Galloway. Plus a cracking Decay will defend their tag team titles against the BroMans, Moose will have his first match, and Gail Kim will face Madison Rayne.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The show opens with Broken Matt Hardy in the ring. He summons the obsolete mule Brother Nero to join him in the ring. Of course he comes to ring to his awesome "Obsolete" music. Matt tells his brother that he's ordering him to help Matt win his match with EC3 match. Jeff resists the idea.

EC3 comes down to the ring. Before he says anything, Matt makes a bunch of weird sounds and chomps his teeth. EC3 returns in kind, mocking the Broken One. Carter tells him it doesn't matter if it's Senor Benjamin with an axe or Vanguard One with a Dilapidated Boat, he won't stop from beating him all the way back to Cameron. Carter tells Jeff he has no problem with him but if he interferes with the match, it'll be war. Matt tells EC3 he's going to eat him and his cats. Carter says no one talks about Skunk and Clover and it's on... let's start the match now

EC3 vs. Matt Hardy

Early on in the match, EC3 does a drop kick from the ropes and came up lame on his left limb, giving Matt the control of the match. Carter tries to fight back a couple of times, but Matt keeps working the bad leg and uses that, as well as Reby and some biting, to help him maintain.

Reby slides a hammer to Jeff Hardy. As the ref is seeing what is going on, Matt goes for a Twist of Hate but gets shoved into the ref who knocks Reby off the apron. While this is going on, Jeff slides the hammer into the ring so either guy can get to it. Matt gets to it first, but EC3 steps on it with a bootless foot (Matt took the boot off earlier.) Matt bites the ankle of EC3 and grabs the hammer. However, the ref sees Matt with the hammer and grabs it. As he is tossing it out of the ring, Carter hits Matt with his boot and hits the One Percenter for the win.

EC3 def. Matt Hardy to advance in the BFG Series


Backstage, Madison Rayne is talking with Maria and Allie. Maria thanks Madison for "stepping up." Rayne tells her she didn't do it for her. She wants to know what Maria will do for her when she beats Gail tonight. Maria tells her they'll find out if she beats Gail.

Backstage, Jeff is walking out as Broken Matt runs up on him. Matt chides him for ruining everything. This won't go unpunished. Jeff snaps, screaming "Punish me, already!" Matt says that everyone will learn that what they love dies and then they learn to love something new... whatever that all means.

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne

This was a good, but quick match (about 5 minutes.) Madison controlled most of the match and even hit her finisher. However, Gail was able to grab the ropes to avoid the pinfall. Madison got in the face of the referee after this and when she turned back around, she walked into Eat Defeat.

Gail Kim def. Madison Rayne

Backstage, The Miracle is with Moose, talking about how Dixie Carter has a problem with him. He says he's going to beat Drew Galloway like he already has and Bobby Lashley better hold onto that title tight because he is coming after him, and so is Moose.


Bram meets Rosemary in the woods. She says that she grew up on this farm as an innocent girl. She then tells a story about her cat getting sick and taking it to her mother who promised she'd make sure she gets better. But then she finds Fifi in the trash can instead. She climbed a tree to deal with it but fell off. Shen she woke up hearing a voice (from a tree) telling her that she had a brother named Montgomery. That's how she learned the magic of the forest.

Bram says he's totally confused. But she says what she really brought him out was to tell him was what happened in the shed.

(You know, reading that, it'll probably sound dumb as hell, but I kind of liked it.)

Moose vs. David Starr

They didn't spell his name, but I assumed it was spelled liked Ringo's name. Though then I think Pope said "Stern" and not "Starr." So I'm not entirely sure.

Moose did a really good looking standing drop kick to Ringo's son when he was on the top rope. He also got a powerbomb onto the ring apron. Moose's discuss clothesline finisher is called the Game Breaker.

Moose wins (obvs)

After the match, Mike Bennett joins him in the ring. He puts over Moose as the most dominant, destructive, baddest man in pro-wrestling. Lashley's music hits. The two big dudes at each other in the ring as Bennett tries to defuse the situation. Bennett says that this match isn't going to happen now. He's got a BFG Playoff match and he needs Moose to have his back. Moose reluctantly leaves with Bennett.

As they leave, Lashley mocks the fact that Moose is following Bennett's orders. Moose turns around and starts making his way to the ring but Bennett stops him and whispers something into Moose's ear to convince him to stop.

Lashley says he wants to win all of the gold because that's how he dominates. If there's a singles title out there, he's going to take it. If anyone wants to try to stop him, come out. DJ Z, the number one contender for the X Division title, comes out.

DJ Z says that he isn't going to try to stop him because he doesn't think any one can. But he is here to fight him because Z has been in the division for 5 years and Lashley isn't an X Division athlete. So he's challenging him for the title right now. Lashley allows DJ Z to choose the type of match and he'll beat his ass in it. DJ picks a ladder match.

DJ Z vs. Bobby Lashley in a ladder match for the X Division title

Lashley has control early on. Any time that DJ Z gets a chance to slide a ladder into the ring, Lashley just tosses it back out. Finally, Z is able to get some offense in with a dive over the top rope onto Lashley and a flip off the announce table onto the champ as well too.

They go to break and come back with Lashley beating the ever living hell out of DJ Z. Dat DJ gets an opening and starts climbing a ladder when Lashley just picked up the entire ladder with DJ on it and tossed it. DJ uses a low blow and a DDT to get another chance to climb it. Lashley meets him... and Gorilla presses him off the ladder! He grabs the title to retain.

Lashley def. DJ Z to retain his X Division title


Backstage, EC3 walks up to Drew Galloway. Drew says he's impressed with EC3 beating Matt Hardy. Maybe one day, they'll laugh about this over some beers, but as long as the world title is between them, they aren't friends. EC3 offers to neutralize Moose tonight but Galloway denies his offer.

Back to Bram and Rosemary. Bram says he'll listen to this if she needs to. It flashes back to her talking to her tree brother. She tells it about her new love Johnny. She started casting spells to change things and Johnny did come around. But as soon as she let her guard done with Johnny... she couldn't finish. Bram says she can tell him. She takes him to the spot.


The Fact of Life with Eli Drake

He takes exception to Lashley's comments from earlier about winning all the titles. But if Lashley wants to put two titles against one, he's cool with that. He's interrupted by James Storm. The Cowboy says he's here to give credit where it is due for being KOTM champion because in his mind, the person who holds that title is first in line for a title shot. (Not that that's ever been associated with that title.)

Storm gives Drake to a beer to drink with him. Once again, Drake takes out a gallon of water to drink instead. Storm kicks it out of the ring instead and says "Water sucks." He puts over Drake for having all the tools but calls out Drake for hiding behind his podium. He asks for another match. Drake refuses. Then James Storms makes a joke about his dad screwing Drake's mom. Drake says he'll give him a shot at the title if he doesn't drink any more beer. Storm drinks the two beers that are there and then agrees.

As Storm is leaving, Drake tries to hit him with the title. The Cowboy ducks and lays in some punches. However, the champ hits a low blow and Blunt Force Trauma to lay out Storm.


Backstage, Grado is backstage with Mahabali Shera. Grado is on the phone the Fixer Tyrus but he doesn't have the money to pay with him to help with the Tribunal. Shera is angry though. He says he doesn't need the Fixer and they'll fight next week.

BroMans vs. Decay in a Monsters Ball match for the tag team titles

The match starts backstage with Decay attacking the BroMans.

They go to break and the Decay (minus Rosemary who's at the farm with her beau) are owning the BroMans (who have Raquel with them) with weapons in the ring. The BroMans eventually get control. They toss Abyss into the barbed wire board and then perform a Bro-Down on Steve onto tacks! Then he turns him over into the Adonis Crab face first in the tacks!

Before Steve can tap, Abyss is able to break it up. Jessie climbs to the top rope but Abyss tosses him into a table onto the floor. Abyss gets Janice  and looks to use it on Robbie but Raquel low blows the big man. Robbie E gets Janice but is distracted by Steve. Abyss takes the opening to chokeslam Robbie onto another barbed wire board.

Decay def. the BroMans to retain their titles

After the match, in celebration, Steve licks up a bunch of tacks into his mouth. Because that's not nasty.


The Miracle Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) vs. Drew Galloway in a BFG Playoff match

As Drew Galloway is walking to the ring, Moose ambushes him behind and delivers an apron powerbomb to the Scotsman.

Bennett control Drew earlier, taking advantage of the injuries from Moose's attack. However, when he exposes the steel bar beneath the apron of the ring, Galloway si able to get the Miracle into position to hit a slingshot onto Bennett chest first into that metal bar.

Now the men are on an even playing field. As they are exchanging moves, the referee takes a punch to the face. This allows Moose to come back into the ring and attack Drew Galloway, including a Sky high Powerbomb. Bennett goes for the cover. 1... 2... kick out! (Ref took awhile to get into position and count.)

EC3 runs out to neutralize Moose, despite Galloway's instructions. He then runs into the ring as Bennett is about to hit Galloway with a kendo stick. Carter takes the stick and aims to hit the Miracle but obviously hits Drew instead. Moose drags Carter out and Bennett hits the MIP on Drew for the 1-2-3.

Bennett def. Galloway to advance in the BFG Series


That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching!

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