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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (July 21, 2016): Title vs. Title: Take Two!

TNA Impact is back tonight (July 21, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at the new time of 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans and viewers.

Tonight, TNA champion Bobby Lashley will face X Division champion Eddie Edwards in a title vs. tile match for the second time, this time in a steel cage. Plus this is the kick off of the Bound for Glory Playoffs to eventually crown a Number One Contender for their Bound for Glory show. We'll see matches Bram vs. Drew Galloway and Eli Drake vs. EC3 in those matches. And Matt Hardy continues to break a deleted Brother Nero!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The play a video of Jeff Hardy standing where he broke his leg int he motorbike accident. Vanguard One and Broken Matt Hardy come up behind him. Matt talks about how he's deleted everything that has made Jeff whole. He then challenges Brother Nero to try to make the jump that broke his leg. The video cuts before he makes the jump.

Bobby Lashley, Moose, & Mike Bennett segment

We're back in the Impact Zone opening with Lashley. Bobby says he has a problem when someone comes into his company and sticks their nose in his business because he should currently be the X Division championship. He says he'll beat Eddie Edwards tonight in the steel cage and win that title. But he wants to deal with Moose. He mocks Moose's football background. He calls the newcomer out.

Lashley gets the Miracle instead. Mike Bennett says he's sick and tired of TNA screwing him over and Lashley has something around his waste that belongs to him. He will win the Bound for Glory Playoffs and win that title because of this man - Moose's music plays and he comes out.Moose slowly makes his way to the ring... but Eddie Edwards runs down and attacks him from behind.

The turns into a 2 on 2 brawl between Moose/Bennett and Lashley/Edwards. Refs eventually break it up and Dixie Carter appears on the Titantron. She tells Edwards and Lashley to go focus on their cage match because she assures there will be a winner. If Moose or Bennett gets involved, the Miracle is fired on the spot. Bennett has his BFG Playoff match now and Moose is barred from ringside.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mike Bennett

Jeff Hardy's music plays, but Broken Matt says the broken mule doesn't deserve to compete in the series. However, because he is a kind man, he'll allow Brother Nero to appear.

They cut to the footage of the bike jump... and when he goes for the jump he immediately falls off before the jump is even made. Matt laughs at him, telling him he knew he couldn't do it.

Back in the Impact Zone, Jeff limps out to his new music, which is awesome. It's a poor quality song all about him being obsolete.

The match itself was very one-sided with Jeff selling his motorbike injury. Mike Bennet wins with a cutter.

Mike Bennet def. Jeff Hardy to advance in the BFG Playoff

After the match, Broken Matt Hardy makes the Obsolete Mule get out of his ring. And now, he will show everyone what the real face of Hardy looks like when he advances in his match. This is all one long segment.

Matt Hardy vs. James Storm

Early on in the match, Storm tosses Hardy against the ring steps and then drives the Boozer Cruiser into Matt's groin.

Matt has control after a commercial break and employs some Broken offensive, which includes him biting Storm. Storm fights back as the fight briefly spills into the crowd. When they're back in the ring, The Cowboy sets up for the Last Call Superkick. However, Reby hits his leg with a hammer when the ref is checking on Matt. Hardy then hits the Twist of Hate for the win.

Matt Hardy def. James Storm to advance in the BFG Playoff


Backstage, Edwards is asked about Moose. He says he respects Moose's background. He is thankful for another shot at the title tonight.

They play a video package about EC3

Backstage, Bennett and Moose are backstage. The Miracle is telling Moose that Dixie cannot control him. Moose is angry. He says he wants a fight with Lashley and he doesn't care about any cage. He walks up and Bennett follows him trying to remind him that'll get him fired.

EC3/Drew Galloway segment

Prior to the match, he cuts a promo. He says he's often asked why he is there. He says it's the same reason everyone in the back is - it's the best. And to be the best, he needs to hold the World Heavyweight title. And he'll win the Series to become champion.

Drew Galloway interrupts. The men stare each other down in the middle of the ring. He says that there's one thing that he and Carter won't agree on: Which is better. He hints that his last name is Carter and EC3 needed TNA as a last chance to succeed and to his credit he did. But TNA came to Drew Galloway because they needed him to grow.

Drew says they'll probably meet in the finals but maybe they should just fight now. EC3 is OK with that until Eli Drakes music plays. He rants about how there are two dummies in the ring. He tells Drew Galloway to beat it so he can have his match.

EC3 vs Eli Drake

The ended up being a really good match. EC3 controlled it early but Drake founding an opening to take control. Carter fought back and these two went back and forth for awhile. Drake tried to go for his Blunt Force Trauma finish but Carter reverses it into a roll up for the 1-2-3.

EC3 def. Eli Drake to advance in the BFG Playoff

Backstage, Matt is marching Jeff back stage shouting "Follow me, mule." He runs into Vanguard One and asks him who he'll be deleting next week. VG1 plays a hologram of EC3's win. Matt asks for what he needs to do to win next week but makes the camera stop recording prior to seeing it.

Backstage, Maria is with Allie in the dressing room. She is complaining about having to do this State of the Knockouts address. Allie starts talking but Maria is fed up and tells her to stop.


Backstage, Lashley is asked about the brawl earlier. He says that if anyone wants some, they can come get some.

State of the Knockouts Address

All the Knockouts are in the ring. Maria says anyone in the ring can air their grievances so do any of them have any questions. Allie tells her that she's an inspiration. She asks how can they be more like her. Maria says that they just need to look deep down and believe in her vision.

Jade goes next. She wants to know why she hasn't gotten her one on one title match rematch yet. Gail tells her that as long as Maria is in charge, she's not going to get a match with Maria because she's scared. Sienna steps in and tells Gail that she shouldn't dare question Maria's integrity. Maria tells Gail that she's lost twice to Sienna so she should step back and let the other girls shine so stop being so selfish.

This angers Gail, who says if she can't have her match, then she wants her title shot no matter what it takes. Maria tells her that she needs to face everyone woman in the ring to get her shot. And whoever is the KO to beat her will be rewarded handsomely. Jade says she's not being a part of that. When she tries to leave, Marti Bell steps in front and those two brawl.

As Gail is telling Maria she'll do whatever it takes, Madison takes her out from behind and tells her it's not personal. It's just time they all look out for themselves.


Backstage, Bram is getting ready for his match. Rosemary comes up on him. She says that things are changing. She's are changing. And she wants him to win tonight so things can change for him too. He says the one thing he wants is to be TNA Champion. When she asks if he wants her help tonight, he says he doesn't know. They then make out.

Mahabali Shera is doing an interview backstage when he is attacked by the Tribunal.

Bram vs. Drew Galloway

This was a really good hoss-ish fight between two athletic dudes. It ends when Drew Galloway hits a Future Shock... from the top rope!

Rosemary did not interfere in this match.

Galloway def. Bram to advance in the BFG Playoff


Backstage, Drew is saying how everyone wants Galloway/Carter in the favorite. Bennett rolls in and tells him not to look past him because he has to go through 6'4" and one pissed off Moose. Drew reminds him that Moose looks like a loose cannon and could get Bennett fired today.

Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley in a title vs. title match

Before Lashley gets in the ring, Eddie jumps the rope and takes Lashley out. The two start fighting on the outside and Lashley takes the upper hand in that fight. He maintains that upper hand in the ring for much of the match. However he struggles to put the small competitor way.

Eddie fights back a few times but Lashley keeps taking control. Finally, Eddie has a flurry that takes the champion down. He scales the cage to hit a move (can't win this one by escaping the cage). Bobby goes to meet him and set up a powerbomb but Eddie turns it into a big hurcanrana from half way up the cage. He follows up with the Boston Knee Party but only gets a 2 count!

Now Lashley is back in control. He tosses Edwards at the door, which opens and Eddie falls on the steps. Then Lashley spears him as he's getting back in the ring, knocking Eddie to the floor. The champ tosses the challenger back in the ring and then picks up his title belt and follows him back in.... BOSTON KNEE PARTY TO THE TITLE INTO LASHLEY'S HEAD! ONLY A TWO COUNT!

Eddie climbs the cage again but Lashley hits the cage knock Edwards off balance. Superplex from Lashley onto Eddie... and he follows up with a spear... and another spear for the 1-2-3.

Bobby Lashley wins becoming TNA Champion AND X Division Champion

After the match, Lashley helps Eddie Edwards up... and sets up for another spear. But here comes EC3 going right at Lashley! And here comes Broken Matt who faces Carter next week! And now here comes Galloway! And now Bennett and Moose! The show fades away with a brawl.


That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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