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The Final Deletion: Aftermath full video is here, and Matt Hardy’s not getting any less crazy

If you thought #TheFinalDeletion was the end (and why wouldn't you? "Final" is right there in the name) you haven't been paying attention to Impact Wrestling, or our coverage of it.

While the Matt Hardy-driven angle has now ignited inter-promotional feuds with not one, but two other companies, and is undoubtedly hot, it's worth asking if TNA isn't overdoing it with these off-site pre-tapes. The above video lead to a more conventional pro wrestling angle in the Impact Zone last night where Matt now "owns" his brother Jeff, so maybe this is the end of them?

If so, sit back and soak it all in. Jeff's flashback dreams, the christening of Scarsgard (fka dilapidated boat), Vanguard1 being the best friend a boy can have, King Maxell's weirdest birthday ever, the not-Spanish maid who neglected the libations, green beans and needs to be reminded about Matt's dislike of mustard and much, much more.

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