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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (July 12, 2016): Destination X

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TNA Impact is back tonight (July 12, 2016) and live-sh from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans and viewers.

Tonight, TNA champion Bobby Lashley will face X Division champion Eddie Edwards in a title vs. tile match. Plus, Matt Hardy promises some #PublicDeletion, there will be a ladder match to crown a number one contender for the X Division title, and Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway will have a fight.

We'll be here at 9 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



They show a video of "The Day After" with Jeff Hardy wrapping duct tape around his head?... Oh Jeff was having a nightmare.

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy is talking to the dilapidated boat... and names it Scarsgard! He takes Scarsgard out on the lake and Vanguard One brings remains of Brother Nero's shirt. He drops the shirt and a bag of other things (material remains of Brother Nero) and drops them in the lake.


X Division ladder match for the #1 contendership for the X DIvisiion title.

This match has DJ Z, Braxton Sutter, Rockstar Spud, Mandrews, Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee (w/ Greg Helms)

This was a pretty fast paced match with each guy going after the other. Rockstar Spud got to play up his heel character, including his spitting on Braxton Sutter. At one point GS Helms stopped DJ Z from getting the green X hanging over the ring that represented the victory. He was finally able to fight off both members of the Helms dynasty and climbed the ladder to win the match.

DJ Z wins the ladder match to become #1 Contender for the X Division title

After the match, Jeremy Borash interviews DJ Z. Z says he's been fighting in the X Division for 6 long years but now he's going to win the title... Mike Bennett ambushes DJ from behind and beats him up. He grabs the microphone. He says he's going to burn this show to the ground.


Backstage, EC3 does an interview putting over his fight with Galloway later in the night.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Dixie Carter. It's a reminder about their move "back home" to Thursday night at 8 EST. She says next week will kick off their Bound for Glory playoff and they will announce the participants tonight.

Eddie Edwards/Bobby Lashley promo segment

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards. Lashley tells Edwards that the knee Eddie delivered last week was "a lucky shot." Bobby says the only thing he managed to do was piss him off. Edwards tells the Destroyer that he's never backed down from a fight and he's not starting tonight. Lashley informs Eddie and the crowd that the underdog doesn't win. That only happens in movies. Eddie starts giving an impassioned speech about how that title and this ring his life.

Lashley takes that moment to clobber Eddie and hits a running powerslam on the smaller man. He then grabs a chair... but Davey Richards runs in grabs the chair and hits Lashley. The Wolves stand tall in the ring.

Davey is going to screw Eddie in the main event, isn't he?


Backstage, Crazzy Steve is ranting to Abyss about how he's upset that Rosemary kissed Bram. Abyss says he'll take care of Bram tonight and Rosemary can be free of him.

Matt Hardy is in his theater filled with people he invited from the town. Reby and Maxel slide into the theater from a fire pole. They show the crowd watching the Final Deletion. Matt Hardy watches with absolute glee. He then says All Hail King Maxel and he and the crowd chants delete. Weird stuff.

Abyss (w/Crazzy Steve) vs. Bram

Bram holds his own against the bigger man. When Abyss tosses Bram over the top rope, Steve gets to biting Bram a bit. Bram is able to fight back again.

Rosemary makes he way down to the ring slowly. She touches Steve as she walks by him. She says something to Bram. Steve gets onto the ring apron, Bram knees Abyss into Steve and then rolls him up for the win.

Bram def. Abyss

Post match, Rosemary rubs the chest of a confused Bram. Bram leaves and Steve & Abyss looks really distraught in the ring.


Sienna vs. Gail Kim vs. Jade vs. Marti Bell for the Knockouts Title

Sienna and Marti fight each other inthe ring early on. Gail Kim come in to take it o both of them but is dispatched eventually. As Marti and Sienna go back at it, but Jade and Gail hit drop kicks from the top rope.

Now it's Gail vs. Jade in the ring.These two have a fun mini-match because they have really great chemistry together. The match eventually gets to the point where everyone hits their moves on each other. When it looked like Gail had Marti beat, Allie on the outside put the foot of Marti on the rope to save the match. As Gail is setting up a drop kick to the outside on Allie, Sienna hits Gail with a massive shoulder block she calls "The Silencer"

Sienna retains her title by pinning Gail Kim


The Hardys are eating in their dining room. Matt is upset there are no green beans. He also strongly dislikes mustard. He has his scribe pen a note that tomorrow (tonight?) on Impact he's going to make sure the public knows that Jeff is completely deleted. And that's up next!

Backstage, Lashley says he wants Davey at ringside so he can watch him destroy his partner. Yeah, Davey is so screwing Eddie.

Broken Matt Hardy/Brother Nero segment

Matt Hardy's awesome piano music plays. He comes to the ring and tells the fans their hatred only makes him stronger. The crowd chants "We Want Jeff." He says he owns everything that is Hardy. He's decided to bring the Evil Enigma out one last time so the ants can see the pitiful, broken, weak Brother Nero.

Jeff comes out and as he walks to the ring, with no music, Reby chants "obsolete" at him (like in that Twilight Zone episode!) Matt tells Brother Nero that he's considered the punishment for the crimes against him. Matt has decided that Jeff's TNA contract is terminated. It's "OVAH!" He then tells him to be gone. As Brother Nero is leaving, Broken Matt tells him to stop and turn around. Matt says that he knows Jeff he'll just make a new pseudonym and go work for Vince McMahon or in New Japan. So he decides to keep him around to make him his obsolete mule and work him until he can't make any more money off him. He'll learn that deletion is a worse punishment than death.


Backstage, Bennett is looking for Eddie Edwards to mess with this show. DJ Z stops him and tells him that he shouldn't deal with Eddie because he has a problem with him. He tells the Miracle to meet him in the ring, which Bennett agrees to.

Mike Bennett vs. DJ Z

As the match begins, Maria jumps on the apron and distracts DJ Z, letting Bennett get the early control of this match. Bennett controls much of the match, but DJ Z is able to turn it on to the point where the Miracle decides to call it quits and leave. Unfortunately for him, much of the X Division come out to prevent him from leaving. When he gets back in the ring, he's rolled up by DJ Z, who wins by pinfall.

DJ Z def. Mike Bennett

Post match, the Miracle grabs a mic and says he's still planning to ruin Destination X and will burn the company to the ground. And he's not going to do it alone.


Drew Galloway says that TNA won't sanction a match between him and EC3. So he and Carter are instead just going to fight.

Bennett is on the phone telling someone to get here tonight so they can burn TNA down together.

Drew Galloway/EC3 brawl

Drew Galloway comes to the ring. He says that EC3 keeps getting in the way between him and his title. Since TNA won't sanction a fight, they'll just have to have a fight.

EC3 comes out and the two men fight in the ring (in jeans!) There are some brutal moves, like EC3 just throwing a chair in the face of Drew or Drew tossing Carter into the ring apron. They fight into the backstage area and were eventually separated by a large group of people.


Backstage, Davey Richards his helping Eddie Edwards with his fighting tape. They reminisce about their time together. Davey says they started as friends but now they're family.

He's TOTALLY going to screw him.


EC3, Drew Galloway, Eli Drake, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Bram, Jame Storm & Mike Bennett are announced for the Bound for Glory Playoff

Bobby Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards (w/Davey Richard) in a title vs. title match

Bobby Lashley dominates Edwards inside the ring. It goes to the outside and he does the same on the outside, including a spear to Edwards into the ring steps.

It goes to break and comes back with Lashley continuing to own Eddie. Edwards finally fights back and hits three consecutive suicide dives onto Lashley on the outside. Eddie is able to keep the momentum going. Eddie gets Lashley stunned up on the top rope. Eddie goes for a huricanrana and while Lashley fights it, Edwards hits it. He sets up for the Boston Knee Party. Lashley catches him and the ref goes down as he hits a running powerslam.

Lashley grabs the TNA title and gets into the ring while the ref is still down. Edwards grabs the title. They double team Lashley... but Lashley kicks out at 2!

Mike Bennett slides into the ring and HERE COMES MOOSE!

I'm assuming this match was thrown out.

Moose takes out both Wolves and then goes face to face with Lashley. Bennett low blows Lashley and Moose hits a huge clothesline onto Lashley.

Wow, Davey didn't turn on Eddie this week.


Backstage, Dixie is interviewed about what she thinks. She saids that Lashley and Edwards will face off again in a cage match next week. So Davey can screw him then maybe.


That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching.

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