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Matt Hardy calls #KeyboardMatt trend 'blasphemy' but he probably loves it like the rest of us

The Hardy brother’s epic contract signing from last week has already become a viral phenomenon. It has gotten some people talking about TNA, even if just to say "Wow, that’s ridiculous." Even Chris Jericho loves it.

This being the Internet age, of course the next step was for people to start making their own edits of the video. One that has specifically made its way around is changing the song Matt is playing when he is playing the piano waiting for Brother Nero, who he knew would come. This trend has taken the hashtag #KeyboardMatt. There have been enough of these to make a compilation video.

Broken Matt has already retweeted all of them claiming how this is blasphemy to treat such a God like man like this. (Of course, he probably secretly loves it.) Now, he’s put out a video compilation of many of them and he introduces the video telling those involved that he will meet all of them face to face in due time and when he does, "it’s ovah."

Enjoy the video above and let us know which one is your favorite. Just don't tell Matt Hardy that you like it or it may be ovah for you too.

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