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TNA Impact Results and Video (May 31, 2016): New champ, clean bathrooms and Broken Matt Hardy

Technical difficulties kept our loyal TNA reviewer from catching the show, but we don't want to leave fans high and dry, so here's a video playlist of highlights from the latest episode on PopTV, along with quick results. Use this as your spot to react!

- Maria Kanellis & Mike Bennett come out to say Dixie Carter should place them in charge of tonight's show. Ethan Carter III arrives to say Aunt D put him in control, so Bennett is in charge of janitorial and Maria is getting a performance evaluation for her job as leader of the Knockouts since she put her hands on Gail Kim.

- Lashley comes out and threatens EC3. Carter announces pick your poison for the two men who will fight for the World title at Slammiversary, champ Drew Galloway will pick Lashley's opponent and vice versa.

- Bennett cleans dirty toilets

- Drew picks Bram to face Lashley. Bram wins by disqualification when Lashley destroys him with a chair. Afterwards, Eli Drake cashes in his Feast or Fired briefcase and pins Bram to become the new King of the Mountain champ.

- Skit with the Bro-Mans at the pool getting "motivation" from their new manager Raquel as she walks around in a skimpy two-piece bikini.

- They set-up Mike Bennett refereeing a match by having Earl Hebner walk out of one of the stalls in the men's room Miracle is cleaining (this is revenge for Bennett humiliating Hebner in their match a couple weeks ago).

- Video of Broken Matt Hardy inviting his brother to his house for a contract signing, and another of Drake popping champagne to celebrate his title win.

- Bennett reluctantly registers the submission when Bro-Mans defeat Tyrus & Spud to earn a tag tiitle shot at Slammiversary.

- Maria calls Billy Corgan to try and get out of her performance review; Jeff Hardy rides his dirt bike to Matt's house.

- Gail gets to decide Maria's fate and asks for a fight, so EC3 books them in a match for Slammiversary. He also books a tag match between Maria's "people" Allie & Sienns against Kim & Knockouts champ Jade. Gail & Jade win when the champ hits Allie with a Package Piledriver.

- Jeff arrives at Matt's "compound" where he sees Reby Sky leaving with the baby because Matt is crazy. He finds his brother playing piano. He then tells Jeff to follow him to where they'll sign the contract.

- Bennett is cutting a promo about how pissed he is about the way EC3's treating him and Maria, then finds out he has a match against James Storm. Miracle rolls up the Cowboy for a win, but then eats a Last Call Superkick.

- Al Snow introduces The Tribunal, Basil Baraka (Sylvester LeFort) and Baron Dax (Marcus Louis). They end up brawling with and beating down Grado and Mahabali Shera.

- Introductory video for Braxton Sutter (Pepper Parks).

- Lashley chooses The Decay to face the champ, and Galloway wins after hitting a Future Shock DDT on Crazzy Steve.

Matt Hardy lures "Brother Nero" to his training room, Reby returns to throw fake Maxell at Jeff, Matt side-effects him through a table.

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