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TNA Impact Preview (May 31, 2016): Pick Their Poison

Time to see these three again.
Abyss on Twitter

TNA Impact returns tonight (May 31, 2016) as they head down the road to Slammiversary, which is less than two weeks away. The main event of the Pay Per View is a TNA title match between Bobby Lashley and Drew Galloway that can only be won by knockout or tap out. Tonight, they will choose each other's opponents in what is dubbed a Pick Your Poison stipulation. (Though, really, should it be Pick Their Poison?)

Tonight, both men will try to find the best challenge for their rival. It won't just be interesting to see who they pick but how the matches play out. TNA does not have a deep roster, so it would make sense given that and given the story that would make sense, that the guys are picking someone who is established and in another story. For example, it would make sense for Drew to choose a strong opponent like EC3 or Jeff Hardy to face Lashley. However, those guys are both tied up in major PPV feud as well so it's not a great time for them to take a clean loss. If strong, top notch opponents are chosen, either non-finishes or ones with heavy interference are very possible.

There are a couple guys on the roster that aren't tied up in major feuds that could fit. The two men who have been feuding for the King of the Mountain belt would work, and that's Bram & Eli Drake. Bram may not be a major player currently, but he sure could be and he would be a strong pick for either Drew or Lashley that would make sense. And he could take a clean loss without it hurting too much. Eli Drake can too, though he recently had a match with Drew Galloway. Outside these guys, they could go with someone like Abyss, who as a member of a tag team can afford a singles loss. Or they can choose someone in the X Division like Eddie Edwards, but they don't seem to fit well with the two heavyweights they'd have to fight.


What else is on tap for tonight:

1) Meet Al Snow's new mates

Last week, Al Snow and Grado were having what looked to be the blow off match to their feud. However, former NXT Talent Marcus Louis and Sylvester LeFort (who's TNA names have not been revealed on TV yet) ran into distract Grado, which aided the veteran Snow in victory.

During the review last week, I worried that starting these two out as part of a feud with Grado and Mahabali Shera was not the best way to introduce the former NXT duo. It would be considered a rather low card feud, which won't help establishing these two as a major threat. It is possible that Al Snow will use these two, who may embody his old school ways, to continue allowing him to play the role of crusty veteran heel almost as a manager. Tonight will give us our first clue.

2) Maria may speak to us

OK, she probably will. But in the video preview, Josh Mathews said that this may happen. He didn't know for sure.

Last week, the leader of the Knockouts tried to get rid of Gail Kim like she did Velvet Sky a week prior. Maria booked a match between Gail and Sienna, who is Maria's muscle, where Gail had to win to keep her job. Ever the fighter, Gail survived the match, winning with a roll up to save her job.

This infuriated Maria, who is not used to not getting her way, and she laid into Gail afterwards. Tonight we'll find out what her response is. And hopefully, we'll find out what the plan is for Knockouts Champion Jade.


What we'd like to see:

1) The Decay

It's been a couple of weeks since this electric trio have been off TV. That's nothing to be upset about. There's only two hours a week and you can't give everyone time all the time and give those on TV the time they deserve.

But now it's time to get them back on Impact. There are only two Impacts until Slammiversary and the tag team champions need to be on the show. I don't have any official numbers, but I've only seen positive reviews for this eccentric gimmick. I can't imagine leaving this exciting group of their major PPV.

I need a poll, so let's get some official numbers on our enjoyment of the Decay gimmick. So just yes or no if the gimmick is working for you.

2) What's EC3's ace in the hole?

Last week, EC3 won his final Redemption match against Matt Hardy via DQ when the Miracle Mike Bennett attacked Carter. Since Bennett told Ethan prior that he needed to win this match by pinfall or submission to earn the right to face Bennett at Slammiversary, that Ethan failed. Later on, Carter said that he's been winning rigged games his entire life and now he's going to make a phone call he never wanted to to win this one.

That leaves the mystery of who he is going to call. Is he going to call his Aunt to cash in a favor? Does he have a villain from Mike or Maria's past that he can help swing things into his favor? When I think of a call EC3 would never want to make, I think of Bill DeMott, but that's never going to happen.

3) Some training montages with the BroMans

In order to get back to the tag title picture, Robbie E recently found a guru to help them. That guru happened to be Raquel, who proceeded to train them. We didn't see the training, but apparently, they couldn't keep up.

The BroMans are always good for some silliness. This lends for some dumb fun training videos getting them in shape for a tag team title match, against the Decay maybe?


TNA Impact airs tonight at 9 EST on Pop TV. Who's watching?

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