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Dixie Carter on recent WWE releases: 'I think it would be exciting to bring a few to TNA'

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

WWE has released a number of wrestlers and announcers over the past few weeks, from lower card wrestlers like Alex Riley and Cameron to mid-card talent like Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. Some have already found work on the independent scene while others have yet to announce what's to come.

One person who wants to talk to at least some of them is TNA President Dixie Carter, as she told The Fan Garage in a recent interview:

"Many believe that our actual roster and their wrestling are best in the business. So we are always on the lookout for new talent. In the last few years, we focused on growing home-grown talent. A lot of new talent like EC III, Rock star Spud, Eli Drake, and Bram, there are so many and I could go on. They've grown so much but I think we also did a fantastic job with people like Drew Galloway who was at the WWE and came in and completely relaunched himself. There are definitely some incredibly talented wrestlers on the market right now and some will be available at some part of this year. And I do see ourselves talking to them. I think it would be exciting to bring a few into TNA."

TNA recently posted its highest viewership total for Impact on Pop TV, but the company is still in rough shape relative to WWE, as rumors of a sale continue to swirl amidst financial trouble. They did recently get a vote of confidence from the President of Pop TV, who said TNA would still be on the station in September on the multi-year deal they signed.

Would you want to see any recently released WWE stars in TNA?

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