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TNA Impact Preview (May 24, 2016): The Mayhem of May

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TNA Impact returns tonight with their show titled "May Mayhem." Slammiversary is only about three weeks away and there aren't an official matches yet announced, but there's a few feuds that make sense for it.

Two of those feuds are represented in tonight's main event match between Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III. On EC3's end, he's been feuding with the Miracle Mike Bennett for awhile. They've had two matches, and to the great frustration of Carter, Bennett has won both.

He won the first by DQ, and that was enough for him. But EC3 pushed his buttons enough to get a second match. The Miracle won that won as well, but this won was shockingly by pinfall, something no one had been able to do prior. Not surprisingly, that has eaten away at EC3, who accepted a bargain from Mike Bennett that if Ethan could beat the demons from his past, he would get another chance to face Bennett at Slammiversary.

Tonight is the last match and it will be against Matt Hardy. Unfortunately, all of EC3's demons of his past are really from the past 4 months. Since his older rivals are not in TNA any more, this was a more expedited run down memory lane. However, there's really no one who has more of a beef with EC3 than Hardy.

Matt Hardy has fought Carter multiple times and only could defeat him when he embraced his evil side. However, he's different now, having a new change in demeanor since his brother Jeff Swanton-ed him through a table from high above. This is certainly a darker, weirder Matt Hardy.

This should be interesting just to see what a Matt Hardy match looks like as his new character. It's also doubtful that Matt Hardy is going to take a squeaky clean loss to EC3 heading with a big feud against his brother on the horizon, so it is very possible Jeff Hardy affects the outcome of this bout.


What else is on tap for tonight.

1) X Division title will be defended in an Ultimate X match

I was a bit surprised because I would have guessed that this match would have been the Pay Per View match. Ultimate X is a TNA staple for their PPVs. But maybe they'll get it done tonight and run with Eddie Edwards vs. Trevor Lee at the Pay Per View, which is the actual feud.

The participants tonight are the champ Lee, Edwards, DJ Z, and Lee's stablemate Andrew Everett. The big thing to look for is whether Everett is just there to make sure his boy Lee remains champion, or will he have his own ideas for gold.

2) The Slammiversary main event will be revealed

After last week's title match between Drew Galloway & Bobby Lashley ended in DQ due to lumberjack interference (that's on them for having a lumberjack match) this feud has yet to be settled. It would make sense that it would be settled at the main event of Slammiversary.

The main question is whether or not this is going to get a stipulation. A cage match would make sense to keep people out, but we'll find out tonight. And that leads us to our poll for this week on what, if any, stipulation the Galloway/Lashley rematch will get. As per usual, if you know because you've read the spoilers, please refrain from mentioning it in the comments.


What we'd like to see.

1) Direction of the Knockout's division.

Even though Maria Kanellis is in charge of the Knockouts, and has her enforcer Sienna and personal assistant Allie by her side, we don't know what the Slammiversary plans are yet. Jade is still the KOs champ and Gail Kim still has major issues with Ms. Kanellis-Bennett.

I'd assume there'd be a title match at Slammiversary and not a Sienna/Maria vs. Jade/Kim tag team match. Perhaps a triple threat between Sienna, Jade, & Gail. Perhaps a fatal four way with those three and Maria fighting. I had wondered for awhile if Gail vs. Maria one on one would be in our future, but since Gail doesn't have the title, Maria has no reason to fight her.

2) What's up the rest of the Matt Hardy Brand

While Matt has been gone, two members of his Brand in Tyrus and Rockstar Spud had been holding down the fort without him. But there's no word if they're into the new Matt Hardy.

While a Spud/Tyrus tag team would be excellent on its own, part of me wants to see those two decide that Matt still has a lot of money and start embracing his new persona as their own as well. Rockstar Spud would be excellent in that role.

3) Who do they Decay face now?

The Decay have no opponents. There are really no tag teams to face them. Beer Money is gone. Half of the Wolves are injured. The only other team that I can think of in TNA now asides from the Decay are the BroMans.

While that would be an interesting feud, I'm inclined to believe that it will be James Storm and a partner of his choosing facing the creepy trio at the Pay Per View. James Storm will be on the card and this is the only place he seems to fit now. Hopefully, we'll get an idea tonight.


TNA Impact airs tonight at 9 EST on Pop TV. Who's watching?

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