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TNA Impact Preview (May 10, 2016): Let's get in the mind of Decay

TNA Impact returns tonight from Orlando with some storylines to follow up on stemming from last week. In fact, that's what TNA has previewed for us this week. There are no actual matches advertised (of course, there will be matches) but some building of three different stories. I've decided to start with the one that seems completely out of no where but has the potential to be ridiculous the good sense. And that's Jeff Hardy's budding feud with the Decay.

This struck out of no where last week when Jeff Hardy was attacked by the tag team champions during his triple threat match, which was for a shot at the TNA title. (This was a match that Bobby Lashley would win.) And tonight we may find out why.

There's really nothing hinted prior about this feud so it's all speculation from here. So that's what we're going to do!

One idea is Jeff Hardy is crazy enough that the Decay may try to recruit him. I mean who on the roster is as out there as Jeff Hardy? He's already wearing weird face paint. Hell, he lived in the forest for months with a plastic skeleton as his alter ego Willow. I mean, how is he not already in the Decay? (By the way, before he left, Eric Young was being stalked by a Willow, so that's out there.)

Another theory is that the Decay may answer to Maria Kanellis. Maria and Rosemary have already showed hints of an alliance. Rosemary has done Maria's dirty work two weeks in a row when it came to neutralizing Gail Kim. The First Lady had stakes in that triple threat main event since her husband Mike Bennett was the third man in the match. Removing former TNA champion Jeff Hardy would make the Miracle's path to the title that much easier.

And they could just want to attack a guy who has been considered the face of TNA for so long. The Decay are elements of chaos and while Jeff Hardy is an eccentric dude, he's still the man around there. As a budding faction, what better way to continuing to lay waste to the Impact Zone than take out the Top Enigma?

If I were to guess, Jeff Hardy will end up teaming with James Storm to try to neutralize the Decay. They could even have a tag title match since Storm has the Feast or Fired briefcase for the tag team titles he needs to burn.

For the first time ever, I'm going to drop a poll at the end for everyone to vote on the Decay's motives. If you have read the spoilers, please don't mention the reason in the comments for those who have not.


Here are the other advertised stories for the show:

1) What's Maria's plans for the Knockouts?

This was a verbatim "What we'd like to see?" that I did last week. Well now we may find out. Last week, Maria tried to get Knockouts Champion Jade to lay down for her so Maria could win the title she feels she deserves. When Jade refused, showing Maria that she cannot control everyone like she thinks she can, the First Lady introduced someone who is on her side to take care of her business. The newest Knockout and Maria's newest ally, Sienna, brawled with the champ and in the end, she was the one standing tall.

Now with some muscle at her side, now Maria can instate her plans for the division. We still don't have any real hint of what these plans will be. Hopefully she'll let us know tonight.

2) The Miracle has plans for Ethan Carter III

While EC3 has made wrestling headlines by invading EVOLVE to stand tall alongside his TNA brother Drew Galloway, things in TNA aren't going as well for Carter. Two weeks ago, the Miracle Mike Bennett pinned EC3, which was the first time anyone had done that. Last week, EC3 owned that loss but at the same time, he made sure to let Bennett know that he's not done with him.

The first time that the Miracle defeated EC3 (that time by count out), the Miracle was content to just take that win and be done with Carter. But now that he's done the impossible, of course he's going to needle the One Percenter. Such a feat made him feel invincible. However, there's only so long he can poke the bear before he gets bit.


What we'd like to see:

1) Furthering of the Bram/Eli Drake feud

Last week, after a Bram defended his King of the Mountain title in the match that bears the title's name, E-Lye Drake tried to cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase for the title. Fortunately for the champ, he was able to recover and scare Drake off. Then Drake cut a promo backstage how Bram should watch his back but when Bram rolled backstage himself, E-Lye Drake tucked tail and ran.

These guys are a perfect match for a feud. Drake is the boisterous coward who will try to exploit any advantage while Bram is the super intense ass kicker. Hell, I may be able to tolerate Bram on Drake's ridiculous talk show because he would just no sell Drake's stupidity.

2) More build towards Lashley/Galloway

TNA Title program started heating up last week when Bobby Lashley officially became #1 Contender to Drew Galloway's title. They had already had issues, with Lashley delivering multiple spears to the champ over the past couple months and also fighting him in an MMA ring at a local gym. (Yes, that happened.)

Asides from the octagon in the local gym, this has been a promising rivalry. Lashley would be Drew's first major challenge. (Yes, he has defeated Jeff Hardy, but it was really early in his title reign and the match had little build.) Then he retained against both Matt Hardy and Tyrus. None of the men he's faced had the size that Lashley has and none of them had the MMA experience. Drew is in for a challenge and hopefully TNA does not rush this one and instead gives us at least a couple more weeks of build before these titans collide.


TNA Impact airs on Pop TV at 9 PM EST. Who's watching?

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