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Batista thinks Matt Hardy’s gimmick is ‘jumping the shark’, and the Broken One responded as only he can

Promotion is going hot & heavy for TNA’s all-Hardy episode of Impact Wrestling next week, Total Nonstop Deletion (check out a trailer, and some of the questions it raises for us, here).

Among the elements of the episode getting talked up is a match for King Maxel, Matt & Reby Hardy’s 18 month old son. Maxel’s been a big focus of the tales from Matt’s Broken Universe, and a reTweet of a TNA video of Maxell doing the “Delete” gesture from radio personality Chad Dukes revealed another wrestling legend who might not be that big on Hardy’s Broken Brilliance:

Fair enough. Not everyone is a fan. But you had to know a guy who’s taken this gimmick to every promotion not called WWE (while openly talking about Vince “MeekMahon” and his tag champs “the Days of the New”) was going to respond.

And, man, did Matt Hardy respond, as only the Broken One can:

That’s completely in character, while also saying to a fellow worker, “this $#!+ draws, brother”.

Delightful, indeed.

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