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Let’s break down the Total Nonstop Deletion trailer

Total Nonstop Deletion, TNA’s all offsite Broken Matt Hardy-themed episode, was finally announced last night. We’ve gotten the Final Deletion, Delete or Decay, and the Great War. But this is the first time that all two hours of Impact will be a Deletion event. And we have no idea what to expect.

Well, now we have a trailer to break apart to attempt to get a hint of what’s going on. So what do we have?

  • It looks like people enter the event through the mouth of a fun house-style Matt Hardy. That makes perfect sense. Moving on.
  • Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley are part of this. Not sure if Lashley’s MMA background has prepared him for this. We see Trevor Lee and Shane Helms at one point too and know Andrew Everett will be there.
  • Someone is on the back of Brother Nero’s motorbike but I cannot tell whom. I’m guessing it’s someone he’s kidnapping.
  • Obviously the Decay are there and they love to walk in front of fog in a way we can only see their shadows. They must practice that.
  • Vanguard One is having a firework battle with something. Unfortunately there’s a small video of Josh Mathews and Pope covering who his opponent is. C’mon, TNA!
  • Maxel is in the ring since he will be competing. But remember, this is not his first match. He’s already logged a W against Disco Inferno.
  • There are a ton of people in DCC masks.
  • Wait, is Abyss going to get hit by a train? What the F? By the way, if anyone should be getting hit with a train, it’s James Storm.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Are you pumped for the biggest two hour wrestling spectacle? What did you catch that we may have missed in this trailer?

Sound off below, Broken Believers.

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