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Broken Matt Hardy restores Jeff Hardy’s deleted essence with help from the Seven Deities

It’s exactly how it sounds.

While much of tonight’s Impact wrestling was a recap of the year in Broken Matt Hardy, there was some new stuff worth catching. One of those things ended up being a major shift in the Broken Universe.

Matt had his Brother Nero meet him at the spot of their epic contract signing earlier this summer, where the (unorthodox) broken table still stood.

He makes Nero carry the table to the desired location, which was a pit of rubbish to toss the table in. That’s when events took a DELIGHTFUL turn.

Because of Brother Nero’s loyal service to Matt, winning the tag titles and defending their lands during Tag Team Apocalypto, Broken Matt decided to reward his brother. How? By asking the Seven Deities to restore Jeff’s essence to him! No longer would he be the obsolete mule Brother Nero but he’d have free will!

This is big news in the Broken Universe. After being DELETED six months ago during the Final Deletion, Jeff has finally earned his essence back.

Welcome back, Jeff Hardy!

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