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TNA Impact ratings (Dec. 22, 2016): Viewers drop for clip show

TNA Wrestling YouTube

The viewer and ratings numbers are in for last night’s TV line up (Dec 22.) and predictably, less people tuned in for TNA Impact’s “Best of 2016” show than in the weeks prior. Only 209K people tuned in and it pulled in a rating of 0.04. The week prior, Total Nonstop Deletion pulled in 329K people and a rating of 0.1.

Last night was a clip show and while there will be a bit of new Matt Hardy bits next week, it sounds like that will be mainly a clip show as well. Given that there was no new content last night, the fact that over 200K people tuned in is kind of impressive.

They return with new shows in early 2017. Those will be the numbers to pay attention to.

Here are the numbers for the last month:

  • This week: 209K / 0.04
  • December 15: 329K / 0.1
  • December 8: 303K / 0.0.7
  • December 1: 338K / 0.08
  • November 25: 165K / 0.05

You can read at what they considered “Best of 2016” in the live blog here. And you can read first part of our Best and Worst of TNA 2016 here.

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