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TNA Impact ratings (Dec. 15, 2016): Total Nonstop Deletion earns TNA modest numbers

It didn’t move the needle like the Final Deletion.

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The viewer totals and ratings figures are in for last night’s line up (Dec. 15). TNA’s all-Matt Hardy special, Total Nonstop Deletion, earned the show a modest increase. The total number of viewers increased to 329 K from 303K. The rating increased to 0.1 from 0.07.

While the increases are nice, these numbers aren’t that impressive for Impact. Earlier this year, a regular episode of Impact was bringing in around 350-360K people so 329K isn’t anything Earth shattering. The rating increase, meaning many more people from the 18 - 49 year old demographic tuned in, is the better improvement, though there have been episodes at 0.09 rather recently.

When TNA ran the original Final Deletion, they pulled in 410K viewers (90K more than the prior week) and a rating of 1.5. While people still get excited for Matt Hardy’s deletion events, they aren’t tuning in like they did the first time around. (Very possibly, a contingent of the people who first watched the Final Deletion learned that this wasn’t for them and haven’t tuned in since.)

There’s nothing advertised for the next two weeks, so they may be running clip/recap shows. Likely those episodes will pull in numbers similar to Thanksgiving.

Here are the numbers for the last month (total viewers / rating):

  • This week: 329K / 0.1
  • December 8: 303K / 0.0.7
  • December 1: 338K / 0.08
  • November 25: 165K / 0.05
  • November 17: 336K / 0.09

You can read about last night’s show here.

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