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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Dec. 15, 2016): Total Nonstop Deletion!


TNA Impact is back tonight (Dec. 15, 2016) from Cameron, North Carolina and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is Total Nonstop Deletion, a 2-hour long Deletion event at the Hardy compound! Things we will see there: Eddie Edwards defending his title against Bobby Lashley, Tag Team Apocalypto (The Hardys defending their tag titles against anyone who shows up), King Maxel’s first TNA match, and Knockouts action!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The show opens with the standard Senor Benjamin “Don’t try that at home” reading.

A montage (using piano music supplied by Reby) is played as Matt rows Skarsgard, Jeff designs his lawn, and Benjamin prepares the battlefield.

They cut to a fake news show! WCAM-TV has an anchor warning people about the dangers of TND. He throws to his reporter on the scene who interviews Itchweeed, who rambles nonsensically.

WTF! Why do I hear Josh Mathews! C’mon now!

There’s a crowd here in Matt’s ring area (it’s a 6-sided ring). They chant delete as Matt says that the state of NC has shut down Cameron due to Apocalypto. He said the Deities told him that if they don’t win, the sacred land of Deletion will be desecrated.

Matt is interrupted by Rockstar Spud. Spud says he’s not getting deleted tonight he’s sick of all of this. But he’s mainly sicken Matt’s son taking Spud’s all this TV time. He wants to be Maxel’s first match.

Rockstar Spud vs. King Maxel in a no DQ match

Maxel drives in a toy truck!

Benjamin tasers Spud!

1-2-3! Maxel wins!

Maxel def. Spud

Disco Inferno is looking on from the back thankful it’s not him this time!


They play the clip of both Lashley and Eddie Edwards making their way to the compound.

Back to the fake news with the anchor warning people to stay in their homes. Back to Betty Sue Fuentes on the scene showing that the roads into Cameron. But here’s the Helms Dynasty! He tells the reporter that he and his team are on their way to Apocalypto and he knows a thing about natural disasters and then drives through the barriers.

Here are the Rock N Roll express pulling up to the Hardy house! Matt invites them in for some green beans prior to the match later.


Back in the Dome of Deletion...

Sienna is in the ring. She wants to fight Rosemary but apparently she’s not there. (JB on commentary alongside Josh says she’s been banned from the compound due to her past abduction attempt of Maxel.) She makes herself #1 contender but is willing to defend it against anybody.

It looks like Vanguard 1 is going to take it!

VG1 vs. Sienna

The referee tosses VG1 because he says that he’s not going to let the drone fight a woman. VG1’s image says that this is “BS AF” and leaves.

No contest

Oh shit, ODB is here! ODB!

ODB vs. Sienna

Sienna hits ODB from behind early as she’s playing up the crowd but ODB fights back and hits the Bronco Buster. She follows up with a Thesz Press from the top for a 2 count.

Ref gets bumped and Sienna hits a kick. She slides out of the ring and grabs a chair. However ODB punches the chair into Sienna’s face. She goes for the cover but the ref is still down.

VG comes out to count 1-2-3 but the other ref takes him out before he hits 3 and admonishes him for trying to play ref. While this is going on. ODB hits Sienna with a chair and then the Silencer for the win

Sienna def. ODB to become #1 contender

After the match, ODB lets VG1 motorboat her. I am not making that up.


Helms Dynasty rolls in and talks to Matt. However, Matt has a premonition that someone in their presence will enter the Lake of Reincarnation and it will be the most appalling thing.

Itchweeed vs. Chet Sterling

At one point Itch locks on a sleep but he starts falling asleep while he’s got it locked in. Both competitors are out! Both are up before 10.

Itchweeed ends up hitting a modified 619 (he doesn’t grab the ropes) and then sets up a table on the outside. He sets Chet up on it and hits an elbow sending him through it. He then gets his opponent back in the ring, hits the “Pesticide Elbow” (it’s just an elbow drop) and gets the pink.

Itchweeed wins

After the match, Weeed grabs his weedwacks the guys shirt!


They show the old clip of the Hardy clan at the zoo, including giraffe George Washington and fighting kangaroo Smokin’ Joe Frazier. I forgot how hilarious that was.

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Bobby Lashley for the TNA title

Lashley stats off with the advantage, having early, clear control. He tosses Lashley out onto the floor.

Lashley shoved someone in the crowd as he walks by, but then Eddie comes back. And the fans hold Lashley as Eddie as hits some chops and a flying elbow. TNA goes to commercial.

When they’re back both men are in the ring and Lashley hits a huge lariat to take down Edwards. The crowd is chanting “stupid headband” to Lashley! Bobby maintains control to the match.

Eddie slips out from a suplex and hits a Blue Thunder bomb and both men are down. Lashley catches Eddie’s next move and hits him with snake eyes in the corner. Lashley si back in control.

Lashley looks to be setting up a Superplex but Eddie knocks the challenger down and hits a missile drop kick. Lashley finds himself out of the ring and Eddie hits a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Eddie hits a Shining Wizard for a two count. Lashley hits a big clothesline and a slam for a 2 count. He sets up for teh spear but Eddie sidesteps it. Lashley sits up on the top rope but Edwards hits an enziguri that knocks Bobby outside.

Eddie hits a kick from the ring apron bur when he goes to jump on him, Lashley catches the champ and powerbombs him into the crowd! he then beats up Lashley on the outside... and then spears him through the wall to the outside!! Holy shit! They go to commercial on this.

When they return, we learn that Eddie and Lashley are being attended to and that match will go all night. But for now Apocalypto is starting!


Tag Team Apocalypto!

Falls Count Anywhere elimination

So far, we’ve got the Hardys, Rock N Roll Express, Helms Dynasty, and Crazzy Steve/Abyss.

Meanwhile Eddie and Lashley continue fighting.

Matt gives the Rock N Roll Express to fire at Decay and the Dynasty. Helms gets his guys in the truck to get out of here... but Matt appears on the bed of the truck to fight Lee. Jeff makes the ref get on his bike to follow them.

There are people standing at the gate looking to get in and it looks like Decay let them in.

Matt and Jeff fight the Dynasty on the side of the road!

The first team enters. Crazzy Steve legit snaps a guy’s neck for the pinfall.

Rockstar Spud is waiting for his partner when a team called the Bravado Brothers roll

Abyss and Steve continue to decimate every team coming through the gate at them. Though the Bravado Brothers are able to sneak by them while they beat the hell out of all the other teams. Oh I think Abyss crushed one of their skulls with a rock.

Spud’s big partner arrives... and it’s Hornswoggle! Abyss is too stunned to even do something and they walk by Decay.

Meanwhile, Trevor Lee is able to pin Matt next to Skargards until the boat breaks the pin! Now the Helms Dynasty is beating up a boat! But Jeff neutralizes Lee and Everett and Hardy tosses Helms in the water... and it’s 3 count Helms... with Lee and Everett as the other two! When he criticizes the other guys dancing, Everett and Lee superkick him.

The Bravado Bros sneak up behind the Dynasty and try for the roll up by they kick out.

Elsewhere, the Hardys are about to get into an outdoor ring with the Express. Oh and there’s a volcano right next to this ring of course.

While fighting the Bravados, the Dynasty enter the Dome of Deletion. The Bravados enter and they are ambushed by Everett and Lee.

Jeff Hardy is locking up with Ricky Morton... from two separate cranes somehow. Matt gets control of Ricky’s crane and continues raising him up. Meanwhile, Brother Nero goes to Swanton Robert Gibson from the crane but misses. But Matt hits him with a Twist of Fate for the 3 count. They leave Gibson up on the crane.

The Rock N Roll Express is eliminated

The Dynasty and Bravados have laid each other out. Swoggle and Spud tried to take advantage. Swoggle takes a chair to all the men in there. Spud a Bravado to eliminate that team. Spud keeps mocking his partner’s height.

The Bravado Brothers are eliminated.

As Spud is celebrating, Swoggle powerbombs him and hits a splash allowing the Dynasty to pin him.

Swoggle and Spud are eliminated.

Ricky Morton is still shouting for someone to let him down. Oh shit, it’s Road Warrior Animal asking what he’s gotten himself into.

Decay waits at the gate as the James Storm arrives with a bunch of guys in DCC masks. All of the non-Storm guys (he’s the only of the actual DCC trio there) are easily dismissed by Decay. One of the guys is the dude from Delete or Decay that was sodomized by Decay! He’s Quickly laid out and pinned before James Storm even realizes they’re counting him as his partner!

DCC is eliminated

TNA comes back from break and Decay are fighting the Hardys and Eddie is fighting Lashley next to the volcano... which explodes!

Oh hell, the Hurricane is now here! Though I think he just flew away.

WCAM news is back. The anchor is worried he is going to die.

The Helms Dynasty join Decay to team up on the Hardys. Remember, if they don’t win, this entire ground will be wiped from existence.

In the ring, Abyss grabs Janice. Jeff is going to use the Roman candle on Abyss but Steve low blows him. But here comes VG 1 with fireworks of his own! It’s a fireworks battle between Abyss and VG1!

Abyss takes some fireworks to the face!

Elsewhere, the Dynasty has Hardy cornered about to hit him with the shovels... but Hurricane makes the save and he and Matt use the shovels on Lee and Everett. They then bury them.

Helms Dynasty is eliminated (and I guess over)

Matt Hardy says “even the man with three Hs would be proud of how we buried this promising young talent!”

Fireworks start a fire on the grounds in a Hardy symbol. The two final teams (Decay and the Hardys) battle there. Abyss gets Matt in the ring and goes for Janice while Steve and Jeff fight near the volcano.

Uh oh... Matt has Janice! And he cuts Abyss with it!

Meanwhile Jeff hits a Twist of Fate onto Steve who flies into the Volcano... and is shot into the ring. Matt covers him for the 1-2-3.

Decay is eliminated. The Hardys win!

While celebrating their win, Reby tells Matt she’s pregnant.

Did I miss the end of the title match though?


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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