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Report: Jeff Jarrett in talks to return to TNA


Jeff Jarrett will always be associated with TNA and Impact Wrestling. He helped found the promotion, after all. Double-J was also the World champ for the company six times, and was inducted into its Hall of Fame last year as part of short-term return which featured a kayfabe invasion by his new operation, Global Force Wrestling (GFW), and the behind-the-scenes purchase of his remaining stock by the Carter family.

According to new reporting from PWInsider and Fight Network, the book may not be closed on the Jarrett/TNA story.

John Pollock of Live Audio Wrestling (LAW) mentioned in a post published last night (Dec. 13) that the company currently running TNA, Anthem Entertainment (which also owns Fight Network and LAW), have met with Jarrett. The conversations were among several Anthem’s had with wrestling industry figures, but because of “background information” he obviously possesses thanks to his history with TNA, Jarrett is someone they confirmed as having an “advisor” role as Impact transitions from a turbulent 2016 into the future.

Confirming Pollock’s report, Insider’s Mike Johnson says GFW isn’t going anywhere - despite there being no television deal and very little buzz for the promotion almost three years after its launch. Jarrett has spent considerable time and effort “exploring different concepts and potential television partners for GFW” according to Johnson, and has no plans to abandon that work.

That item leads to some speculation from Insider that Anthem could do away with the double entendre and negative perception of TNA and rebrand their new wrestling show as Global Force... but that appears to be an idea the report is floating more than something its sources said.

Both Johnson and Pollock clarify they don’t know what role Jarrett would take, if he even ends up back with TNA at all. But they both mention that Anthem is looking to beef up the writing staff in the wake of the exits of Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana, and Double-J did book the company along with Scott D’Amore in the mid-Aughts. D’Amore is with Jarrett at GFW now, so...

Outside of the fact that Anthem is talking to Jarrett, most of what we have is speculation. But where there’s smoke, there’s often fire.

And it’s TNA. Would you honestly be surprised by anything at this point?

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