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Matt Hardy is inviting every tag team he can think of to Total Nonstop Deletion on Twitter

This Thursday, TNA is running Total Nonstop Deletion, a 2-hour Broken Matt Hardy deletion event. One of the big matches for this spectacle is Tag Team Apocalypto, an elimination tag team open to any tag teams of all space and time.

Tonight on Twitter, during Raw, Matt got to recruiting:

This was after New Day won their first tag team triple threat of the night. Hopefully Broken Matt isn’t going to hold his breath on the Day of New or any of the WWE teams. Then again, Matt may be able to hold his breath for a long time given the Broken powers the Seven Deities have granted him.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Wyatts and Broken Matt crossed path on the Twitter-verse, after there was some “controversy” about who came up with the outdoor match idea.

Not sure if Shawn Michaels’ retirement stipulation includes fighting in Matt Hardy’s backyard.

He’s not lying. The Rock and Roll Express will be there.

I bet those TLC matches between Edge and Christian and the Hardys contribute to their broken vessels.

So Triple H was already invited as part of DX and Orton was already invited as part of the current Wyatt family, so I guess it has to be Batista and Ric Flair to represent Evolution. Like Shawn Michaels, Flair also has a WrestleMania retirement stipulation, but we know that didn’t stick.

I have a feeling this is one place that the Rock won’t be trying to expand his brand.

It’s great that these are all FORMAL invitations, but you don’t need one to show up. If you consider yourself a wrestling tag team, show up in Cameron, NC on Thursday.

Which one of these classic teams would you like to see at Tag Team Apocalypto?

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