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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Dec. 1, 2016): Rosemary vs. Jade!


TNA Impact is back tonight (Dec. 1, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Rosemary will face Jade in Six Sides of Steel for the vacant Knockouts title. Plus, Matt Hardy will return to the Impact Zone now that he has his memory back, DJ Z will defend his X Division title against Mandrews and Braxton Sutter, and Aron Rex issues an open challenge for his Grand Championship!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The play a video package recapping Matt’s amnesia.

Aron Rex comes down to the ring for his open challenge. He grabs a microphone and says that he’s established the title as the #1 title in the world. Then he issues his open challenge.

Moose music plays but Rex isn’t happy. He says to hit Grado’s music but it’s too late.

Aron Rex (c) vs. Moose for the Grand Championship

Round One: Moose moves to Rex but Rex immediately leans under the top rope to make sure Moose stays back. Then he rolls outside the ring and does a cartwheel. They finally lock up. Moose pushes him down but Rex kips up and returns a side headlock. But Moose hits a big close line and pins Rex! Moose wins!

Moose def. Rex via pinfall to win the Grand Championship

After the match, JB interviews Moose. He says that Rex was a good champion but he had no chance. And if anyone in the back wants to challenge him for that title, he’s got one word for him and then does the arm pump.

After Moose leaves, JB interview Rex who is just getting up. Rex says he can’t do it right now and goes to leave. It looks like he’s crying as he’s leaving the ring.


Backstage, Jeff Hardy is asked if Matt is arriving tonight. Jeff said that he isn’t sure but he knows Matt is preparing in someway tonight. He’s not sure what state Matt will be in after all of this. But he knows they will defend the tag team titles.

DCC/Hardys segment

The DCC make their way to the ring wearing their masks. James Storm starts talking about how they represent the people who have been trampled on and past by. (Oh by the way, this is all in the altered voice that they used in the video.)

He says they are not here to delete anyone or make them obsolete. But if you stand in their way, you will be erased.

Jeff Hardy’s music plays. (He hasn’t been coming out to the Obsolete music but a new song for the last few weeks.) Today he’s dressed more like Brother Nero and is wearing the Nero contact lenses.

Brother Nero says that they are going to get their title match tonight. They’re fighting two men who survived the Great War, who got stronger from the Final Deletion. He says that their movement ends with the push of one button. “Delete!”

Kingston starts talking some trash and gets a Twist of Fight. But then the other two start beating down Jeff. As they are beating him down, their music plays again and the lights go out... but now it’s Broken Matt in the ring! Side Effect to Bram! He then disposes of James Storm as the Hardys stand tall.

Brother Nero grabs the microphone looking away from Matt and says “Brother Moore, I knew you’d come!”

Matt tells the DCC that his memories have been restored more vivid than ever. And tonight, the DCC will get the fight they so desire. He says he’ll change what DCC stands for to “Deletion Coming, Cowards.”


They play a video interviewing the members of Go For Broke saying despite what happens in their upcoming X Division title match, they will all remain friends.

DJ Z (c) vs. Mandrews vs. Braxton Sutter for the X Division championship

Crowd chanting for Mandrews as the match starts.

All three men try different pinfalls to no avail in the beginning. DJ Z gets tossed out of the ring and Mandrews and Sutter go at it in the middle of the ring. Mandrews uses his speed to neutralize Sutter but soon DJ Z is in the ring. But Mandrews controls him as well.

DJ Z finds himself back outside the ring and it’s back to Sutter and Mandrews. Sutter hits a powerslam but he is soon knocked out of the ring. It’s been a bit all over the place, but Mandrews has had the most control.

The fight spills outside and Mandrews hits a moonsault onto both guys form the ring steps. He grabs his skateboard to roll from the top of the ramp, assumingly to do a move, but Z catches him with an elbow.

In the ring, DJ Z starts holding his leg. As Sutter goes closer to him, Mandrews tries to roll him up for a 2 fall. Sutter runs at Mandrews, who pulls the rope down to send him outside. However Z grabs Mandrews leg before he can run out of the ring after them.

The men to continue to go at each other with no one getting any real control. DJ Z hits a crossbody to both men but is still nursing that leg. He goes for a ZDT to Sutter but Sutter kicks him down and hits a Flatliner. He turns his focus to Mandrews but Mandrews reverses Sutter’s move into a cutter. And then hits a Shooting Star onto Sutter. But as he’s about to go for the cover, DJ Z rolls up Mandrews for the 1-2-3.

DJ Z retains his title via pinfall

Afte rthe match, Sutter is checking on the champ but Mandrews seems more reluctant to do so. He holds up his arm, but then kicks the bad leg of DJ Z! Sutter is shocked, trying to talk some sense into Mandrews, who bails.


Backstage, Laurel Van Ness and Allie are by the monitor. LVN says that she’ll have to cheer up Braxton tonight. She tells Allie that Braxton feels sorry for her but Allie replies that he never says that to her. LVN says that she knows that Allie was trying to pie her last week and tonight, she’s going to lose her job.

Maria/Allie/Laurel Van Ness segment

Allie comes to the ring with Van Ness. She talks about how much she’s given to everyone this holiday season. But some people don’t seem to appreciate that. She orders Allie come to the ring.

Her assistant comes down and Maria asks her what she has to say for herself. Allie apologizes for hitting her in the face with the pie. Maria says she knows that she was aiming to Laurel because she’s jealous of her.

Maria verbally unloads on Allie for being the worst assistant ever. LVN asks Allie if she’s jealous of the fact that she went on a hot date last night. She whispered into Allie ear what Braxton told her last night to which Allie insisted Braxton wouldn’t say that.

Maria continues to berate her, finally calling her “a stupid bitch.” Allie finally slaps the First Lady to the crowds delight. But then Laurel jumps Allie and lays into her. Maria pulls her off and they leave.


They play a promo of Rosemary backstage in a cage. It’s very similar to last week, but she also focuses a bit on Jade being Gail’s chosen one.

The DCC vs. The Broken Hardys (c) for the tag team championships

Looks like it’s Kingston and Bram for the DCC.

The Hardys have control early. Matt ends up hitting both Kingston’s and Bram’s head into the turnbuckle (not at the same time). Then both brothers deal double suplexes to each of the men in the match.

The teams make it to their corners and the Hardy’s get to work on Bram. After watching his partner take a beating, Kingston comes into the ring, but both he and Bram end up in the corner both receiving a poetry in motion. The Hardys have clear control as Impact goes to break.

When they come back from break, Broken Matt is the face in peril. He’s finally able to tag in Jeff, who goes to work on Bram. But when the ref isn’t looking, Storm pushes Jeff off the top rope and that’s all the DCC to take control.

After being on the receiving end of the offense for awhile, Jeff is able to hit a clothesline on Bram the same time that Bram delivers one.

Both men tag out and Matt gets in and immediately starts biting people! He hits a bulldog/clothesline combo and then punches Storm off the ring apron. Matt goes fora Twist of Fate on Kingston, but Bram delivers an elbow. Jeff knocks Bram out of the ring and then leaps the top rope onto Bram and Storm.

Kingston hits a move for a nearfall on Matt but ends up getting a Twist of Fate from both brothers and Matt pins him to retain the titles.

The Hardys def. the DCC to retain their titles


Backstage, EC3 comes up on Eli Drake. He informs him that he has his title shot against Edwards next week and if Drake ever wants a shot, just say the word. He asks him again, but Drake doesn’t say anything so EC3 says “OK, see you never” and peaces.

Backstage, Al Snow and Mahabali Shera are angry at what the Tribunal did to them last week. Al Snow claims that the Tribunal owes him everything. He claims he’s going to whip them both after what they did to him.

EC3/Eddie Edwards segment

EC3 comes to the ring. He says his loss at Bound for Glory was the biggest loss of his career, but now he’s back as #1 contender. He asks Eddie Edwards come join him in the ring.

The champ obliges and joins Carter in the ring. Ethan commends him on his run as champion. Eddie says that the title has changed the way people have looked at him, but Ethan knows he hasn’t changed. Carter informs the champ that he’s failed to capture the title twice this year but he won’t fail again.

That’s what Eddie wants from him. Edwards says it’s going to take someone truly special to take that from him.

Carter tells him there’s a difference between winning the championship and maintaining the status as champion. EC3 says he’s not afraid to stab someone in the back or slit a throat to get what he wants. He says “Kill them all, and let God sort them out... that’s a champions mentality.”


Gail Kim comes to the ring with the title. She hands her title to Jeremy Borash and takes a seat near ringside.

Jade vs. Rosemary in Six Sides of Steel for the Knockous title

Before the bell rings, Rosemary rushes Jade outside the cage onto the floor and they fight on the outside.

Josh Mathews makes it known there is no escape the cage stipulation. Pinfall or submission only.

Rosemary tosses a trash can into the ring and then tosses Jade in after it. In the ring, Jade uses a series of kicks to Rosemary to take advantage.

TNA goes to commercial as they come back, Jade is delivering a head scissors to Rosemary. Rosemary looks to go for the mist but it was a deke she used to try to get control. She eventually hits a big clothesline on Jade.

Rosemary doesn’t have control for long as Jade fights back with some strikes, but Rosemary uses a flying clothesline to get Jade down. She then follows up by raking Jade’s face against the cage. She fends off Jade and then bites her face and continues pushing her opponent’s face against the steel.

Jade fights back with a series of kicks... but Rosemary catches her and suplexes Jade into the cage! She then puts the trash can in front of a downed Jade and climbs the rope. But Jade uses the trash can and tosses it at Jade up top! And follows it up with a top rope rana!

Jade uses a series of drop kicks and starts tossing Jade against different sides of the cage. Jade sets up for the package piledriver but Jade fights out and responds with a German Suplex.

Rosemary starts to climb the cage but Jade runs up and meets her. Both standing on the top rope, Jade smacks Rosemary’s face into the cage. Rosemary falls as Jade climbs to the top... AND HITS A CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP!

She slowly goes for the cover, shoots the half, 1-2... kick out!!

Jade goes up to the top rope... but Rosemary runs up and mists her! Red Wedding (F5)! New champion!

Rosemary def. Jade to become KOs champion

Rosemary shows the title to Gail, who is looking on outside disappointed.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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