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TNA Impact Preview (Dec. 1, 2016): Retrieved Memories


TNA Impact returns tonight (Dec. 1, 2016) from the Impact Zone in Orlando Florida with a main event to crown a new Knockouts champion. As per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight?

1) Who will be the new Knockouts champion?

Impact has a badass main event for tonight.

We learned a couple weeks ago that Gail Kim has an injury which forced her to relinquish her title. It was revealed later that night that Rosemary and Jade would fight for the title... in six sides of steel!

There’s a very small amount backstory going into this bout. When Gail was in the ring to announce something big (it was set up like a fake retirement bit) with Jade at her side, Rosemary, along the rest of the Decay, came to the ring. Rosemary took out both Gail and Jade. (Gail said that this attack aggravated the injury that is keeping her out.)

Even though I would have preferred a bit more of a build between the two beside a couple quick backstage things, I am pumped as can be for this match. There’s no hiding how big of a fan I am of Rosemary. And Jade is excellent in the ring. Put them in a cage and this should be a war.

2) What does Señor Benjamin have coming to him?

Last week, the Seven Deities struck an amnesiac Matt Hardy with lightening, restoring his memory. Tonight, he’ll finally be back in the Impact Zone, likely to join his brother Jeff against the DCC.

(By the way, I learned on Twitter that DCC stands for Death Crew Council. What a lame name.)

However, the big question for me is if Señor Benjamin has been punished for his actions. Matt’s trusty gardner took advantage of his boss’ memory loss and put him to work like doing all the chores around the house that Benjamin is paid to do. Matt has already briefly addressed this on Twitter.

3) What’s Eli Drake going to do without his voice?

Last week, Eli Drake lost a killer match to EC3 and given the stipulation, he is not allowed to speak for the rest of 2016. Drake’s strength is his voice. He’s a charismatic promo. But now that’s gone.

Knowing Drake, he’ll find away to display his charisma by not opening his mouth. This is a tough break for the braggadocios Drake, but it could solidify him as a top character.

4) Who will win walk away with the X Division strap?

Last week, Team Go For Broke (DJ Z, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter) won a three team elimination match to all get an X Division title show. Unfortunately for DJ Z, he already is the X Division champion. That means tonight, he defends his title against both of his teammates in a triple threat match.

While I’ve been quite critical at how lazy the X Force Gold random trios matches are, tonight’s match should be enjoyable as all three can all go. The match should be a good one.

5) Are we nearing the end of the Aron Rex/Jessie Godderz feud?

Tonight, Aron Rex has an open invitation for his Grand Championship. However, don’t take this to mean that his long feud with Jessie Godderz is done.

The last time they met, Godderz defeated Rex in a normal one on one match. Even if Godderz isn’t the one to answer the call tonight, he’ll likely have some impact on Rex’s night.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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