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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Nov. 3, 2016): Edwards vs. Lashley!

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TNA Impact is back tonight (Nov. 3, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Bobby Lashley will challenge Eddie Edwards for the TNA heavyweight championship. Also, the Hardys will defend their tag titles against the DCC, Aron Rex will defend the Grand Championship against Jessie Godderz, and X Force Gold will continue!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



Brandi Rhodes/Maria/Sienna segment

The show opens with Brandi Rhodes cutting a promo in the ring. She thanks everyone for checking in on Cody after he was attacked by Lashley last week. She talks about how proud she has been of Cody the lately with what he's done. She then addressed Bobby. She tells him that he's going to find out that Cody is a fighter and he's going to with he had.

When she turns attention to herself, she is interrupted by Maria and Sienna. Maria asks if Brandi is going to go home and help her husband or stay here and swim amongst the sharks. When Brandi asks her if she's threatening her, Maria says not at all -- she opens doors for people. And sometimes, she'll slam it like she did to Allie, who's learned her lesson and hopefully will be a better assistant.

The First Lady then invites Brandi to join her squad. Brandi reminds Maria that her last name is Rhodes and that means something. And she doesn't need any help from Maria. Sienna got in her face but Brandi stuns her quickly with some forearms. However, when Rhodes turns back to Maria, Sienna attacks her from behind and then hits the AK 47 laying her out.


They play a video package about Eddie Edwards narrated by Josh Mathews.

Jessie Godderz vs. Aron Rex (c) for the Grand Championship

Round One: Godderz has control of the champ early, similar to their last meetings. This continues much of the round. Towards the end of the round, Jessie works on the left arm of Rex.

Jessie Godderz wins the round by unanimous decision

Round Two: Rex comes out firing with a kick, headbutt, and a cravat. He locks in a headlock in the middle of the ring onto the challenger. This continues with a couple of roll up attempts by Godderz in the middle of Aron's flurries of offense. Rex misses a clothesline with about 30 seconds left and Jessie goes on a quick run. At the end of the match, Jessie is starting to lock in the Adonis Crab.

Jessie Godderz wins the round by split decision

Round Three: Rex comes out swinging but needs a rake of the eyes to Godderz to give himself time. Jessie clearly can't see well because he's swinging at anything. While Jessie is struggling to see, Rex nails him with the punch with the ringed hand to pick up the pinfall.

Aron Rex wins the round and match via pinfall

The crowd is not pleased with Rex. Rex grabs a microphone and asks for a round of applause from Godderz who "had a hard fought loss."


They play a video package about X Force Gold. It doesn't actually explain what it is. It focuses on DJ Z's team. It's really just a long video of DJ Z, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter talking to each other interspersed with clips of their matches together.

Marshe Rockett/Andrew Everett/Trevor Lee vs. Rockstar Spud/Decay vs. Team Go For Broke (DJ Z/Sutter/Mandrews)

This match will have a member of each team in the ring at the same time.

Not much to note here. Typical X Division stuff. There was a time where Spud was face to face with to face with the bigger Marshe Rockett so he tagged in Abyss. Abyss and Rockett go toe to toe for awhile until Mandrews drop kicks both of them.

Abyss and Steve try to do a double team for too long and are ejected so once again, leaving Spud alone. Sutter hits a move for the win.

The team with an actual team name wins.

Go For Broke wins


Another Josh Mathews narrated Eddie Edwards video.

The Broken Hardzy (c) vs. DCC for the tag team championships

Matt says he's summoning the masked business men to face them in the ring prior to the DCC entrance.

The lights go out and when they come back, the three men are behind the Hardys. But Matt knew they'd come. While one man watches, the other two DCC members just take it to the Hardys. Now the third men gets involved as well.

Then the DCC leaves. Wasn't this supposed to be a title match?

Jeff gets a mic and tells them to get their asses back there if they want a fight. The DCC returns and the bell rings to start the match. Jeff is neutralized on the outside and it becomes a 2 on 1 against Matt. One retreats to the ring apron but is soon tagged in by the other. Matt is in some trouble here.

Brother Nero makes his way to the ring apron as well. He finally gets tagged in and takes it to the mysterious men. He hits a Twist of Fate but then the match breaks down. The third man walks in and the match gets thrown out.

The Hardys win via DQ

The men continue to brawl into the back. One of the DCC remains in the ring and shoves Earl Hebner and steps on his throat. He then goes into the back where the cameras are following the brawl. Matt slams a plastic trash can lid onto one of them over and over again while shouting delete. Jeff fights through a Grado interview and takes a selfie with Grado.

However, one of the DCC gets control so Matt uses some of the Lake of Reincarnation to transform Jeff into heel 2011 champ Jeff, who takes the guy down with his ugly custom title and puts a cigarette out in his eye.

Unfortunately, Jeff gets closed into a crate - though comes back out as Jeff and delivers a Twist of Fate to the DCC man. Meanwhile, Matt is fighting another on the top of a forklift. He demasks him just to find another mask and gets kicked off. But when Jeff asks if he is OK, Matt responds "Of course. Who are you?"


EC3 is backstage says he's been having a tough time since Bound for Glory. But now it's time to call out Eli Drake.

EC3/Eli Drake segment

EC3 comes to the ring. While he makes it known his goal is to win back the TNA title, he first calls down the "silver tongued devil" Eli Drake out to join him. Drake obliges.

Carter invites Drake into the ring but Eli knows where that would lead so he'll stay on the entry ramp. Carter brings up with Drake said on the Fact of Life about EC3 getting handed everything while Eli Drake had to crawl to get where he is. Ethan says that while he was given a name and opportunity, but he earned everything else - being undefeated, beating Kurt Angle, and running through the Hall of Fame. And he's earned the fact that his name is synonymous with TNA and the fact that he's the damned man around here. Carter points out that Drake has a golden ticket but is too scared to cash it in.

Drake says that he doesn't need with EC3 has earned because now he's Bound for Gold. EC3 calls out Eli for having no stones. Carter suggests that Drake prove it. Put the Bound for Gold on the line against Carter.

Eli rightly says that's the worst deal he's been offered and he'd be a dummy to take it. Carter sweetens the pot saying if Carter loses, he'll disappear from the title scene and never challenge for the world title again. Drake teases like he'll take it, but instead says he's going to cash in Bound for Gold on the winner of tonight's match next week.


JB interviews Lashley backstage. He asks Bobby why he attacked Cody last week. Lashley said it was because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The challenger says that tonight is going to be a slaughter.

They play a third Eddie Edwards video.

Bobby Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards (c) for the TNA championship

It's even early on, with Edwards having an answer to Lashley's power. However, it just takes a clothesline to change that course. However, Edwards hits a body block from the ring to the floor onto Lashley and follows up with some chops on the outside to keep the challenger stunned.

Then Lashley just tosses Lashley onto the floor while they're still outside and he starts working on the champ. This includes a belly to belly onto the ramp. With his back turned to the ref while still on the floor, Lashley starts choking Edwards with his wristband as TNA goes to break.

When it returns, Lashley is still kicking the crap out of Edwards. Despite brief flurries of offense from the champ, the challenger has complete control of things.

Finally a powerbomb from Edwards gives him time to recoup. The champ hits a suicide dive on to Lashley, who is getting a breather on the outside. He gets the champ back in the ring and nails a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Lashley responds with a big power move on the champ for a nearfall of his own.

Lashley goes up to the top rope, but Eddie meets him with an enziguri, knocking the challenger out onto the floor. Edwards follows up with another suicide dive. Once again, Eddie gets him back in the ring but is met by a spine buster from Bobby.

Lashley looks to set up Eddie for a superplex... but Eddie tosses him off! He goes for the double knees but Lashley moves. Then there's a ref bump followed by a Lashley spear but no one there to count. He calls for another referee and he gets one but only gets a 2 count given all the time that had passed since the spear.

Lashley knocks out the other referee as the first is getting back in the ring. He calls for the title likely to DQ him. But before he can, Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party and Hebner quick counts for Eddie's win.

Edwards def. Lashley


That's it. Have a good one, everyone.

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