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TNA Impact Preview (Nov. 3, 2016): Bobby’s Rematch


TNA Impact returns tonight (Nov. 3, 2016) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida with a big TNA title rematch between Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley. Here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) Is Eddie’s time over?

Bobby Lashley has been a dominant champion since this summer. The only bump in the road was his title loss to Eddie Edwards. That happened on the first Impact after Bound for Glory, where he successfully defended his title against EC3. When he was allowed to pick his opponent from EC3, Moose, and Eddie Edwards, he chose Eddie because he felt he was the easiest of opponents. Lashley paid for his hubris when Edwards hit a knee to the champ’s head and won the title.

Lashley earned his title rematch by defeating Moose one on one two weeks ago. Now there’s nothing left standing between him and his championship asides from that pesky Eddie Edwards.

After Lashley straight up dominated a dude in his Bellator fight, it would make sense to put the strap back on him and continue on as the dominator. However, this was all filmed prior to Lashley’s fight so they don’t have the chance to change a course based on something like that. We’ll have to see if the title returns to its rightful holder or if Eddie’s run has more gas left to it.

2) Who are the DCC?

OK, full disclosure: I actually know who the DCC are. I don’t actively seek spoilers but some things are just unavoidable with this internet thingy and unfortunately, the reveal was one of them.

(That is all I know. I don’t know the outcome of today’s match, how they reveal them, or their purpose as a unit.)

Even if you know who this mysterious trio is, there’s plenty of questions to be answered. The first being how they’re going to match up with the Hardys in a tag title match tonight. The Hardys are unpredictable but as of now, the DCC are too.

Hopefully, we’ll soon learn what DCC stands for too because as a name it doesn’t just roll off the tongue.

3) What does Aron Rex have up his sleeve in his title defense last night?

Jessie Godderz has gotten tired of Aron Rex’s tricks. It was a bit of a cheap shot Rex used to retain his Grand Championship against Goddrez weeks ago. Then last week, he taped over the rings on his fingers, which he used to knock out the BroMan to pick up a win in a tag action. Oddly enough, the former savior was fine with granting Jessie a rematch tonight, making one wonder if he has more dirty tricks up his sleeves.

Every week, Rex ticks closer and closer to a full on heel turn and tonight may be the night to do so. With his title on the line, Rex is bound to do whatever he can to retain his title. Last Grand Championship match between the two, Jessie was as close as he could get to winning the title, taking the first two rounds and forces Rex to become desperate. It was that desperation that allowed Rex to tap into his darker side and sneak out with a victory.

4) Will they edit Billy Corgan out of all the backstage segments.

OK, they probably won’t. But when it was ruled Monday that he doesn’t own the company, it likely means the end of Billy Corgan in TNA. While the trial is still going on, chances are they’ll pay him off (Anthem, who owns Fight Network that is) and he’ll be gone.

Will they be petty enough to edit out all of his backstage stuff for the rest of the tapings? What will Billy’s absence mean for Aiden O’Shea, who finally earned a role in TNA as Corgan’s assistant?

5) Will we learn what X Force Gold is about?

Probably not. But this tweet gives us a hint! It says “It is about bragging rights, it is about high flying, it is about no limits and it is Team X Gold!” So basically, I’ve still got nothing.

The saddest part of this. Decay is still part of this. Le sigh.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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