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TNA Impact ratings (Nov. 17, 2016): Viewership slightly rises this week

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The numbers are in for last night’s TV line up and Impact Wrestling’s totals jumped up a bit. The viewer totals were 336K (up from 317K) while the ratings figure rose to 0.09 from 0.07. While the ratings total doesn’t usually get higher than 0.09, 336K total viewers is still less than what they’ve been averaging the last few months.

Outside crowning a number one contender, there wasn’t much advertised for last night’s offering. It was the follow up from an enjoyable episode where they revealed the identity of a mysterious stable, but last night’s episode didn’t have a major hook going into it.

Asides from Thursday Night Football being available on CBS last night (it was only on the NFL Network for a few weeks), there was no real competition for TNA last night. Next week’s numbers could easily be down given it’s Thanksgiving.

Here are the numbers from the last month:

  • This week: 336K
  • November 10: 317K
  • November 3: 359K
  • October 27: 362K
  • October 20: 353K

You can find a recap of last night’s episode here.