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TNA Impact Preview (Nov. 17, 2016): The DCC revealed

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TNA Impact returns tonight (Nov. 17, 2016) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida and promises to crown a number one contender. Here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) What is the agenda of the DCC?

It was revealed at the very end of Impact last week that the masked trio calling themselves the DCC were in fact James Storm, Bram, and newcomer Eddie Kingston. In their brief time in NTA, they’ve gunned for the tag champion Hardys and last week the TNA champion Eddie Edwards. In fact, immediately prior to unmasking last week, they attacked Edwards after he successfully retained his title against Eli Drake.

But what is their mission statement? Why the hacker-esque motif? Are they just about winning titles or is there a type of change they are looking to enact? And then there’s finding out what happened to James Storm and Bram while they were gone for some time.

Eddie Edwards is going to call out the DCC demanding answers to start the show tonight, so there’s a good chance we’re find out more about this trio.

2) Who’s next in line for Eddie Edwards’ title?

Eddie Edwards successfully defended his title against E-Li Drake last week. Now he can sit back and watch a fatal four way between the next possible challengers for his title

The fatal four way match will pit EC3, Bobby Lashley, Mike Bennett, and Trevor Lee against each other. And I actually think Lee may win this match.

I think EC3 will end up moving right into his feud with Eli Drake, though it’s possible Carter could prevail tonight and Drake could cost him the title given the fact Eli was pissed that he couldn’t get it done. We’ve seen Lashley and Edwards plenty and the Destroyer has a future date with Cody Rhodes, who Bobby attacked weeks ago. Bennett is surely a possibility, but I think they’ll go with an X Division style match showcasing Lee and giving Edwards another win before his next major feud.

3) What’s the plan with Rosemary and the Knockouts?

Last week, Rosemary, with the rest of Decay by her side, declared war on the Knockouts, going after both champion Gail Kim and Jade. I’ll be curious to see how they use all three women. Rosemary doesn’t have another woman to work out tag matches so it looks like she’ll be facing Jade and Gail Kim at separate times perhaps.

I am much looking forward to whatever series of matches we getting involving these women. Gail and Jade are great in ring and Rosemary has looked really good from what she’s gotten to do so far in TNA. She’s very active on the indies so I’m excited to see what she can do in TNA when she can have some full women’s matches.

4) What’s up with Aron Rex’s shirt?

No seriously, what’s up with this?

TNA Wrestling YouTube

5) Will Matt Hardy ever remember?

Last week, we learned how bad Matt Hardy’s amnesia really was. He didn’t remember he was a wrestler, let alone one half the TNA tag team champions. He didn’t remember his wife’s name, calling her Debbie instead of Reby. He called his Brother Nero “Brother Hero” and didn’t have any clue how to do the call and response of the Obsolete song, a song he used to find WONDERFUL!

Jeff tried to get his brother back by sending him to the healing Lake of Regeneration but the water was too cold and Matt wasn’t having it. Brother Nero got frustrated and said that he’d take care of the DCC alone. That’s not a good idea, Jeff.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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