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Billy Corgan announces he’s signed a settlement agreement with TNA

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After a whole lot of fireworks, accusations and threats, the saga of Smashing Pumpkins’ front man Billy Corgan and TNA Impact Wrestling ends with a simple Tweet:

In shouting out many of the venues we’ve relied on to follow the latest behind the scenes drama we thought-might-but-LOL-of-course-didn’t kill TNA, it sounds like we will get Corgan’s side of the story via places like Wrestling Observer, PWInsider, and David Bixenspan of SEScoops, but for now, the man who was briefly President of Impact Ventures is moving on and wishing the best for the men & women who make TNA wrestling happen week-to-week:

We’ll keep you posted on the business dealings of TNA and what it means for their talent and on-screen product, but this makes it pretty clear that news is going to focus on Anthem Entertainment and not any other pro wrestling figures or companies like Corgan or WWE.