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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Nov. 10, 2016): Drake vs. Edwards for the title!

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TNA Impact is back tonight (Nov. 10, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Eli Drake will challenge Eddie Edwards for the TNA heavyweight title. Also, they will start to crown the next number one contender, Matt Hardy has amnesia, and Gail Kim has an announcement to make.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



Eddie Edwards/Eli Drake/EC3/Mike Bennett segment

The show opens with Eddie Edwards. He talks about while people have supported him, he's faced a lot of negativity in his journey as well. He has a message for Bobby Lashley: Just keep winning. Because he isn't hiding from Lashley or anyone.

Eli Drake interrupts. He says if last week felt like he got hit by a truck then this week, he's going to feel like he was run over by a train. After he's done with his promo claiming he'll be winning the title, Ethan Carter comes out. EC3 says he commends Drake for "nutting up" and cashing in his title shot. But there needs to be a new #1 contender and Carter will choke anyone out to get that. EC3 then tells Drake that he's not ready to be champion tonight. In fact, he's betting on Eddie Edwards tonight.

The Miracle Mike Bennett is the next to interrupt. He says that he's beaten EC3 before and he'll be the next to take the title. Eli Drake gets in the face of EC3 and then Mike Bennett attacks Carter and Drake and Miracle beat down on Carter and Edwards respectively.

Moose's music hits and chases the heels off.

Mike Bennett vs. Moose in a #1 contenders match

Maria came out with Bennett but she was soon kicked out for trying to interfere.

Despite that. the Miracle takes control working on Moose's right leg.  Moose eventually fights back with a powerbomb and a senton. However, Miracle ducks the discuss clothesline and superkicks Moose's bad leg.

Bennett tries for his cutter a couple times but misses. He avoids the clothesline again and hits 2 superkicks and the cutter but Moose kicks out.

The fight spills out of the ring. Moose tosses Bennett onto the steel steps. He follows up with a body check, but Bennett moves and Moose collides with the steps. The referee had been counting for a bit and Miracle is able to slide in to win by count out.

Bennett def. Moose via countout


Al Snow is backstage. He says he's back and stronger than ever from an injuries the Hardys gave to him. He says he has a surprise for his boys the Tribunal.

Matt Hardy amnesia segment

We move to Cameron, North Carolina as Jeff drives his bike to the Matt Hardy estate. Reby tells him that Matt still has amnesia. Matt is apparently building a new dining room. Most importantly, Matt is wearing a sweater!

Jeff comes up to him and tries to job his memory with a "Brother Nero, I knew you'd come" but it doesn't work. Jeff tells Matt that they are tag team champions and Matt asks "You mean like professional wrestling? On TV?" They decide to take him into the main house because they have an idea.

Meanwhile, Benjamin is acting weird.


The Tribunal/Al Snow/Mahabali Shera segment

The Tribunal introduce Al Snow. Al thanks them for going after the Hardys for him. But Basile Baraka informs him that they didn't do that for Al Snow, in fact, they never needed Al Snow. Baron Dax tells Snow they are hanging on to them.

Suddenly, they attack all Snow! Mahabali Shera comes out to help Al Snow? Then he starts to fight them. Dax takes Shera by the neck and tosses him down the canvass.


Backstage, Jessie Godderz is waiting for Aron Rex to show up. He says it's not about the title but getting his hands on Rex.

Abyss vs. EC3 in a #1 contender qualifier.

They announced Abyss as "on half of Decay" instead of a third. He is alone for this match.

Abyss has some control early on. They fight outside and he's working on Carter. He takes a break to mock the fans swaying with his music and EC3 unloads a flurry of chops. Carter's momentum is quickly stunted when Abyss chokeslams him onto the apron.

EC3 uses a series of clotheslines followed by a second rope drop kick to finally get in control. Abyss fights out of the One Percenter and hits a clothesline for a 2 count. Abyss goes to get a chair and scares the referee out of the right. Carter ducks the chair and hits a sleeper that eventually brings Abyss to the ground. Abyss has to tap out.

EC3 wins via submission

He immediately leaves to the back, walking with a purpose.


We're back in the Hardy household where they try singing the Obsolete song to Matt, who just made some lobster bisque! Matt completely misses the "Obsolete" and instead he just looks at them bewildered. It's really excellent. Jeff tells Matt to go on a ride with him. Matt asks his wife "Debby, can I trust him?" He follows "Brother Hero" outside looking for the car, but Jeff reminds him he just rides a bike... the bike he broke his leg on!

Gail Kim/Decay segment

Jeremy Borash talks up his relationship with Gail Kim and then introduces her.

Gail Kim calls Jade to the ring. She tells Jade that she reminders her of herself when she broke into the business. Gail tells her she believes in her and that she has everything that it takes to succeed in this company. Gail tells her she is the future of women's wrestling.

Gail turns back to the fans and sounds like she's about to retire... the Decay interrupts!

Rosemary mists Gail Kim and then delivers her F5 finish to Jade! Then Abyss starts to choke JB! Rosemary chokes out Gail as Steve holds Jade back! Then they hold a trash can in front of Jade and Rosemary goes coast to coast!


DJ Z vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Trevor Lee in a #1 contender qualifier

This is a very back and forth (and forth) match. DJ Z predictably has some really impressive looking moves but plays up a tweaked right knee.

Spud ends up hitting a low blow on Z for a near fall but then it's Lee who hits a Fisherman's Buster on Spud for the win.

Trevor Lee wins


Backstage, Aiden O'Shea tells Grado and Robbie E that they have a match together as a team against Bobby Lashley.

Backstage, Allie is apparently watching one of Braxton Sutter's matches on her iPad when Brandi comes in. She asks Allie for some help against Maria's crew. Allie says that Maria pays her bills so she can't. Brandi pleads for her to stand him for herself and fight with Brandi. Allie says she's sorry and leaves.

Lashley vs. Robbie E & Grado

This is going to be a mauling.

At one point, Lashley is holding Robbie up in a suplex as Grado runs in and jabs Lashley in the abdomen. Lashley is completely unfazed and just pushes Grado aside and then delivers the suplex.

Grado and Robbie actually get some double team offense in. It doesn't last long. Robbie ends up eating a spear. 1-2-3.

Lashley wins.


Aron Rex is pulling up to the Impact Zone (he is being driven). He sees Jessie outside waiting for him and says "Looks like someone had too much creatine, he's looking upset." He then gets out of the car.

Drake is wearing the most RIDIC outfit. It's almost like Jerry Seinfeld's pirate shirt but black. He tells Jessie he has the second best jaw line in the company, make use of it. Jessie says this isn't about the title but kicking his ass. He then takes it to the Grand Champion. After sustaining a beating, he rakes Jessie's eyes and runs off.


Jeff is driving Matt on his dirt bike. They're going to the Lake of Transformation to see Skarsgard! Matt is confused how the hell he could talk to a boat! Now he's going to try to heal Matt in the lake.Matt does not want to go in the cold lake.

Jeff gets fed up and says he'll go to Orlando and fight the DCC by himself.


Eli Drake vs. Eddie Edwards (c) for the TNA title

Good back and forth action early with Edwards having the advantage of the pure wrestling aspect. He nails a suicide dive on Drake on the outside and follows up with a rana. But Eli catches Eddie when he attempts another move and just slams the champ into the apron.

This leaves Rex in full control. After a bit, Edwards finally fights back, hitting a big superplex on Drake leaving both men down.

They exchange blows in the middle of the ring with Edwards getting the advantage. He tries to toss Drake out but Drake skins the cat. However, Edwards just clotheslines him out of the ring. He goes for the suicide dive but is too high and flies over the guardrail after he hits Drake!

Back in the ring, Edwards hits a lung blower and a roll up for a very close nearfall. Eddie goes up top but misses a stomp and Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma! Two count! After some back and forth, Drake hits a bit toss down but only gets a 2 count on that too.

Drake then goes up to the top rope... misses a clothesline! Boston Knee Party! 1-2-3!

Eddie Edwards def. Eli Drake

After the match, the DCC appears and beat down Edwards!

They unmask! It's Bram, Eddie Kingston, and James Storm!


That's the show, folks! Thanks for watching!

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