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TNA Impact Preview (Nov. 10, 2016): Drake’s time to shine

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TNA Impact returns tonight (Nov. 10, 2016) with another TNA title shot and a plan to crown another #1 contender.

1) Is it Eli’s night?

Last week, Eli Drake decided to cash in his TNA heavyweight title opportunity that he won at Bound for Glory. Now he will face Eddie Edwards, who is just coming off a successful title defense against Bobby Lashley.

This will be a big opportunity for Drake. Eli has killed it all year and he has a legit chance to win the top TNA prize tonight. Eddie Edwards took a good deal of punishment against Bobby Lashley and barely beat him, needing a fast count from the referee and other shenanigans to hold onto his title.

I’ll be rooting for Drake big time tonight. Eli has shined since coming over to TNA. He has showed great charisma and a shine on the stick. It’s to the point that while he’s a heel, the crowd can’t help but chant along with him. While I like Edwards and appreciate all the work he’s done in TNA as well, I’m no dummy. It’s Eli Drake all the way for me. Yeah.

While Drake tries to claim the top prize, others will be vying for the right to become the next #1 contender.

2) How will the new #1 contender be decided?

While the TNA world title will be defended for a second week in a row, tonight they will also be deciding (or at least starting to decide) who challenges for the top prize next. While the details are slim, we know there will be at least one match tonight and the entire process will involve a handful of wrestlers. (It’s unclear if tonight is one match or multiple.) So tonight could be one match or a series of matches and then the victors will compete in another match to decide the number one contender. I think. It really wasn’t that clear.

So far EC3, Mike Bennett, Bobby Lashley, Trevor Lee, Moose, DJ Z, & Abyss are announced. There’s a lot of places they can go with this. If Drake wins the title, they can finally set up that EC3/Drake feud.

3) How will Matt Hardy’s amnesia affect the Broken Universe?

Matt Hardy has amnesia.

It happened last week when he took a spill off a forklift fighting the DCC. According to doctors (via Matt Hardy’s Twitter) he’ll have to relearn everything. So while the Hardy Brothers have to protect their titles against the DCC, Matt isn’t even sure who he is currently.

There’s a risk that he may not relearn it the correct way and this may be the end of his broken self. But if he’s really just a vessel of a spirit from centuries ago and he has seven deities on his side, he should be just fine.

4) What does Gail have to say?

Gail Kim will be addressing the fans tomorrow night. The TNA twitter and website is playing up the “Is Gail Kim is calling it a career?” angle, which often means that’s not going to be the case. In the wrestling business, more often announcements like that lead to a heel interrupting and a feud and not an actual retirement.

With Maria Kanellis tied up in a feud with Brandi Rhodes. Allie is still having her issues with Team Maria. That leaves Gail Kim, despite being Knockouts champion, on the periphery.

But with someone like Jade pretty MIA for awhile, they could set up a feud between those two. We’ll find out tonight when we see if Gail Kim opts to wear a salmon colored jacket.

5) When is Cody vs. Lashley going to happen?

Two weeks ago, Bobby Lashley attacked Cody Rhodes in the backstage area simply because Cody came into Lashley’s turf without permission. Cody was out last week recovering.

This is surely moving towards a feud between the two men. The question is when. Will Cody be back as early as tonight to cost Lashley a chance at the TNA title in the number contender’s qualifying match he’s part of? Will he take a couple more weeks to recuperate?

Lashley’s a bad dude, so Cody better make sure he’s 100% if he’s going to gun for the Destroyer.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV? Who’s watching?