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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Oct. 6, 2016): Bound for Glory fallout!


TNA Impact is back tonight (Oct. 6, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is the fallout show for Bound for Glory. Nothing has officially been announced, but champions Bobby Lashley, Gail Kim, the Broken Hardys, Aron Rex, and DJ Z will likely be active in one sense or another. Plus Cody Rhodes' feud with Mike Bennett should see some time as well.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



They play a recap video package for Bound for Glory.

Champions promo segment

The show opens with Lashley, who calls himself the realest man in the wrestling business and the #1 person in TNA. As he's calling himself the greatest wrestler on the planet, Aron Rex interrupts. Lashley turned his back to Rex when he enters.

Rex said that he changed the game at BFG by becoming the first Impact Grand champion, which makes him the man around here. As they argue about who's title means more, Gail Kim comes out. The Knockouts champ said that she is proud of being the first ever TNA Hall of Famer and the KO's champion and that women are changing the game.

Broken Matt comes out wearing both tag titles with Reby and Maxel (who gets his own chant). The Broken One says that while Gail speaks of change, he is change. Now because of him, Impact is part of the Broken Universe!

As expected, DJ Z is the last time come out. He talks about how all the champs represent something different and unique, none more than the X Division. And tonight he's going to introduce Team X Gold.

Lashley says that he has a fight coming up, so he's going to go train for that instead of standing in the ring with second rate title holds.

Billy Corgan and Aiden O'Shea (??) come out. Corgan is no longer rocking a suit but instead a hoodie and jacket. He says they'll all be in competition tonight. All but the X Division title will be on the line. He says that Lashley has a chance to pick from three men.


Team X Gold

Mandrews, DJ Z, & Braxton Sutter vs. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, & Marshe Rocket

Mathews explains that these are tag matches but they will have strictly enforced rules (I suppose instead of everyone running around at the same time).

Rocket eventually gets in the ring. He's a bigger man than the other guys and takes it to Mandrews. He's the face in peril for a bit until he tags in Sutter. DJ Z is then face in peril until tagging in Sutter gets tagged in, big boots rocket off the other side, and then tags in Mandrews who hits a Shooting Star Press on Everett for the win.

DJ Z, Mandrews, & Sutter win


Moose is revealed about one of the possible opponents for Lashley tonight.

Fact of Life with Eli Drake

He now has a talk show set up. He says his guest tonight had a rocket so far up his ass that he spit up rocket fuel but he squandered his opportunity: Choke Artist EC3.

He asks EC3 about not quite getting it done Sunday, but when Carter starts talking, Drake starts spamming the Dummy button, until Carter covers it with his hand. He then talks about how he did lose and he's not going to make an excuse. His passion has been replaced with anger and vengeance. EC3 tells Drake that now that he's Bound for Gold, he shouldn't be worried about the dumb button. In fact, if Eli Drake hits it again, Carter says he'll eviscerate him.

He pleads for Drake to press the button so he can kick his ass. Drake just slides it aside instead, stands up, and cuts a promo on Carter. He says when he came to TNA, he was put as the third member of some dumb group called the Rising. But now he's Bound for Gold, but he still hears he's not in EC3's league.  He tells Carter that Drake had to scratch and claw more than Ethan can dream and that makes Carter out of his league. Then he tells them to cut EC's mic because this is over.


Backstage, Maria is berating Allie about why she opened her mouth on Sunday about the doctor. Maria threatens to fire her but Sienna and Laurel Van Ness stop her. LVN wants Allie around to carry her bags while Sienna is going to use her to try to win her championship back tonight.

Eddie Edwards is announced as the second possible opponent for Lashley tonight.

Sienna (w/Allie) vs. Gail Kim (c) for the Knockouts championship

Madison Rayne is on commentary.

Sienna comes out firing against the champion. She controls Gail for much of the match. Kim finally fires back but Sienna catches Gail in an attempt at a rana and turns it into a face plant.

Sienna goes for the Silencer but Gail rolls her up for the win.

Gail def. Sienna to retain her KOs title

After the match, Sienna attacks Gail. Lauren Van Ness joins her and Maria comes into the ring to watch. Maria tells Gail she's got her rematch and it will be no DQ.

Then she instructs Allie to slap her. Allie doesn't, so she shoves her and does it herself.


The third potential opponent for Lashley tonight is EC3.

The Broken Hardys (c) vs. Decay in a cage match for the tag team titles

Reby plays the brothers to the ring. No face paint for Jeff tonight, who is looking a lot more Jeff than Brother Nero.

Before the match gets underway, Matt notices that Rosemary is not at ringside, so he sends Reby backstage to check on Maxel.

Jeff is stapling Abyss as revenge for Sunday! Now Steve is biting Nero! And then Steve puts a grappling hook in Matt's house and pulls! The Decay have control with use of the weapons.

The Brothers take control and Matt goes for a chainsaw of course. And of course it doesn't turn on because this is a wrestling match.

As Jeff is escaping the cage, Rosemary appears, climbs up the cage, and spits mist at Jeff, sending him back in the cage. Then Reby attacks Rosemary with a rabbit head staff and then...

The feed froze so they went to commercial... uh oh. Is this another Pop TV commercial reel. It is, isn't it? God dammit! I barely survived last time.

Apparently the Hardys won but F if I know how because it wasn't shown on Pop TV.


The Rhodes/Bennetts segment

Cody and Brandi walk down to the ring.

Cody talks about how he has been called the Game Changer but he talks up how thinks people like Gail Kim and the Great War has changed the game. He talks about how he didn't wait to get kicked out of the house but left on his own with his list as the guide. And how apropos that he found himself face to face with a man on his list at Bound for Glory.

Brandi whispers something in his ear. He said that his lovely wife Brandi Rhodes (made sure to accent that) told him that maybe he should have put TNA championship on the list. He reveals that TNA has given him a title shot. He talks about how a championship is a crowned jewel and it's the opportunity of a life time.

Mike Bennett and Maria come down. The crowd is hot for Cody, continuing to chant his name. Bennett said he wasn't handed anything when he came here. When he said he deserved a title shot, he was told it needed to be earned. Cody said they should fight then. As Bennett tries to continue talking, Cody hits him and they start brawling. Cody holds the ring as Bennett has to slide out to escape the Cross Rhodes.

During commercial, Cody has said that he wants his first mach to be next week against Mike Bennett.


Maria Kanellis tries to go into Corgan's office. Aiden O'Shea stopped her and saying that Corgan has decided she has her rematch. If Maria doesn't win, she'll lose the Leader of the Knockouts title.

Baron Dax vs. Aron Rex (c) in a Grand Championship match

Round One: Rex has control early but around the 2 minute mark, Dax uses a neck breaker to take control. While Rex tries to fight back, Dax maintains control. Aron tries to fight back again, but it's not enough as Dax is all over Rex as the round concludes.

Baron Dax wins the round by unanimous decision

Round Two: Dax is back on the offense when the round starts. However, Rex is able to quickly lock in a modified Sharpshooter, which forces Dax to tap.

Aron Rex wins the match by submission

Rex is interviewed after the match by JB. He puts over that title as a game changer again.


Lashley in the ring and his three possible opponents are on the stage. He picks Eddie Edwards because he's the easy one.

Lashley (c) vs. Eddie Edwards for the TNA championship

Eddie tries for a quick roll up but Lashley kicks out and uses his power to take control. And he keeps control against the challenger for awhile.

While he beats him, he starts lightly slapping him to mock Eddie. But Eddie returns with a legit slap and goes hard at the champ, including an enziguri with Lashley sitting on the top turnbuckle. Edwards then hits a Frankensteiner on the champ! Both men are back to their feet at the same time and it's Eddie who is taking the advantage.

However, Lashley puts an end to that with a lariat and then hits a big running powerslam. He sets up for the spear... but Edwards holds down the top rope, sending the champ out of the ring. Eddie follows up with a series of suicide dives... but Lashley moves out of the way on the third and Edwards crashes into the guard rail.

The champ tosses Edwards back in the ring and hams it up for the crowd briefly. Then he sets up for the spear... Boston Knee Party! Edwards wins!

Edwards def. Lashley to win the TNA championship


That's the show, folks, Thanks for watching!

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