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TNA Impact Preview (Oct. 6, 2016): Fallout


TNA Impact is back tonight (Oct. 2, 2016) with the first episode from their post Bound for Glory tapings. There is nothing yet advertised match wise for tonight. Here are our five questions about Impact tonight:

1) What’s next for EC3?

Ethan Carter lost in his title match against champion Bobby Lashley on Sunday. There were no shenanigans, no cheating, and no excuses to be had. He was beaten by the dominant Lashley. Title wise, that should mean he goes to the back of the line.

Of course, Carter is one of their top stars and “back of the line” for EC3 is still a featured program. Perhaps he’ll turn his eyes to the new division and try for Aron Rex’s Grand Championship. That would be a fresh feud given that Carter has already had lengthy feuds with the likes of Mike Bennett and Matt Hardy. There’s also Cody Rhodes, though he seems to have his sites set on the Miracle for now.

2) What will Cody do while he’s in the Impact Zone?

Cody Rhodes debuted alongside his wife Brandi at Bound for Glory with Mike Bennett threatened to hold up the show when things didn’t go his way. Cody and Brandi quickly got the best of the First Family and held the ring. So clearly, this is one of the first things that Cody is doing.

Are there other plans for the six weeks of Cody? Will he get a shot at the title? Will he interact with his old mate Aron Rex or his old tag team partner Drew Galloway? Spoilers are out those for those who want to know (though there are two tapings tomorrow as well) but this viewer likes to stay as spoiler free as possible nowadays.

Who would you like to see Cody feud with? Let us know in the comments.

3) Where do the Broken Hardys go from here?

On Sunday, the Broken Clan won THE GREAT WAR against Decay to win the tag titles. Now we see where success for the Broken Clan will lead them.

At first, it won’t lead them far from Decay. The terrifying trio held the tag team titles for many months. They should get a chance to win them back. The question is really what kind of match will it be. We’ve seen Delete or Decay (which unlike the Final Deletion wasn’t really a match) and now we’ve seen the GREAT WAR.

Let’s just hope that winning doesn’t start unbreaking Matt.

4) What’s Eddie Edwards’ place on the card?

Last week, Eddie Edwards lost an X Division title match to DJ Z. Four days ago he lost a Grand Championship match against Aron Rex. (Granted, he was a fill in for the injured Drew Galloway.) He’s been all over the card as of late and now we’ll find out where he’s put next.

It’s possible he’ll return to the X Division since the Grand Championship match wasn’t the plan until Galloway proved unable to compete. However, he lost by split decision in the third round and Rex said he’ll face him any time again so it is a possibility he sticks around there for a bit. Depending on the status of Davey Richards, he can return to the tag division as part of the Wolves.

Edwards has been a jack of all trades in TNA lately. Hopefully they give him a program that rewards him for his versatility.

5) How will Drew Galloway be represented the next month and a half?

Drew Galloway suffered an injury a couple weeks prior to Bound for Glory that kept him off the show. Unfortunately, the promotion is filming enough television to get them to December. If Galloway couldn’t go Sunday, chances are, he’s not going to be able to go the rest of the week. That means one of their top talents is not going to be able to wrestle the next two months of Impact, even if he ends up being cleared to wrestle in a month’s time.

It doesn’t mean they won’t try to use him for something. They could do backstage segments with him to slowly build to his next feud. But they can’t do much if he can’t take much contact.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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