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Dixie Carter, TNA officials troll dirt sheets about latest sale rumors

In the past, when wrestling sites have been filled with reports of TNA’s imminent demise, company officials mobilized to refute the rumors.

Last week’s news that the company was so cash strapped their signature pay-per-view (PPV) might have to be cancelled didn’t get the same treatment. Many stars and even company President Billy Corgan did interviews and acknowledged the struggles while publicly hoping for the best, but the build to Bound for Glory didn’t feature Dixie Carter, her team or the roster going after the dirt sheets.

Today’s rumors of a sale of the tape library to WWE and the ongoing wrestling operations to Corgan, which were viewed as good news by many fans however...

Who knows what this means about the validity of what Justin LaBar and Jim Ross’ sources told them.

It’s good to see things are getting back to normal down at the Impact Zone, though. Now if a TNA fan site mobilizes to attack Dave Meltzer, everything will be exactly as it’s always been.

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