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Multiple reports claiming TNA’s sale is ‘imminent’

There is nothing confirmed, but there are several folks with real connections in the pro graps game talking about a very interesting scenario which would end the long-running saga of TNA’s financial woes during the Dixie Carter era.

One element of what could be a best-of-all-possible-worlds resolution involves Carter accepting an offer from WWE - but only for the tape library. Jim Ross, fresh off breaking the Brock Lesnar/Goldberg story last night (Oct. 4), talked about that piece of the puzzle on The Ross Report (h/t With Spandex for transcription):

...rumor is that WWE is allegedly very close to buying the TNA library. Not the promotion; the TNA library. Obviously, with the WWE Network, the TNA library could be a nice resource, nice asset. Now, TNA does have some talents I’m sure WWE would probably like to have somewhere down the road, but right now we hear that WWE and TNA have had talks regarding WWE buying the library, and that that deal is imminent.

Again, these are … rumors. They have not been verified. But the people who told me normally are very, very reliable. That’s all I will say on that deal.

That lines up with a Tweet sent by Justin LaBar of the Pittsburgh Tribune earlier this afternoon. LaBar’s sources also say WWE is buying up video content of old Impact Wrestling episodes and pay-per-view (PPV) events for the Network, and adds that the overall deal features Billy Corgan buying the ongoing promotion. If true, Corgan would rebrand (something he’s indicated in the past he wants to do) and move forward as the principal owner.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer was asked about LaBar’s Tweet. He responded that he couldn’t confirm it, but it’s a possibility in line with what he’s been reporting:

There’s a long way from some Tweets and off-hand podcast remarks to an official end of drama that’s been going on for years, but these represent the most positive news we’ve heard in a long while.

A multi-party sale like this could also explain why a deal couldn’t be done last week. And, if you’re really digging deep, could explain why Daniel Bryan openly referenced AJ Styles TNA’s World title runs on Talking Smack last night...

Stay tuned.

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