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Report details Dixie Carter’s message to the TNA locker room before Impact tapings

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Word came out late last week that TNA majority owner Dixie Carter would talk to the roster and other staffers about the company’s financial health and future. When such a meeting didn’t occur at Bound for Glory on Sunday, reports went around that it wasn’t going to happen.

Now, Mike Johnson at PWInsider is saying Dixie did address her team before the first night of this week’s Impact Wrestling tapings on Monday, Oct. 3, and his site has exclusive details of what Carter told them, and how she answered questons which came in from the roster:

- Dixie allegedly acknowledged late payments have occurred, saying it happens when monies owed to TNA are paid late.

- Asked if a WWE offer was real, she said that WWE did want to purchase TNA, but that she wouldn’t let that happen. Carter also specified TNA still owns their tape library.

- She made it clear she is still the majority owner, and acknowledged some conflict and a bit of a power struggle with other owners.

- Bound for Glory was always going to happen, per Dixie, but she said they did have to scramble leading up to the pay-per-view (PPV).

- Carter was surprised the talent was worried about the company’s status, and apologized for there being so much concern.

Insider’s sources said the talk did help alleviate some concerns, and most in attendance respected Dixie for speaking with them. There is still reportedly concern that the same issues will arise again when it comes time for another round of Impact tapings toward the end of the year.

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