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Spoiler: TNA crowns new champion at first night of Impact tapings

One night after going the obvious route with their new Grand championship, crowning ex-WWE guy Aron Rex (Damien Sandow) over Eddie Edwards and opting to keep their World title on Lashley instead of having one of their top babyfaces in Ethan Carter III win at Bound for Glory (their WrestleMania)...

TNA decided to have Edwards beat Lashley to become World champ.

This was set-up earlier with a segment when Lashley was given a choice to defend his title against either Edwards, EC3 or Moose. He chose the American Wolf, saying it would be the easiest route.

So there is an interesting angle here, with Lashley’s hubris getting the better of him when he took a former Ring of Honor (ROH) World champ lightly. And there’s lots of road to go to see where TNA is taking the story, which could just be a means to eventually put the belt on Carter, or Moose, back on Lashley or someone else entirely.

On its face, however, it seems like “shock” booking. Time will tell.

We’ll have a full, more detailed report on the tapings later.

In the meantime, what do you make of Eddie Edwards, TNA World champ?

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