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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Oct. 27, 2016): A Hardy Halloween!

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TNA Impact is back tonight (Oct. 27, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Cody & Brandi Rhodes will face Mike Bennett and Maria. Also, we'll see what Halloween is like at that Hardy Estate, Rockstar Spud will reveal his X Force Gold team, Allie will face Laurel Van Ness, and Aron Rex will team with Eli Drake to fight Jessie Godderz and EC3!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



We start in Cameron, North Carolina in Matt Hardy's personal pumpkin patch alongside his Hardy Clan. They then all go through a corn maze and for some reason Jeff eats some of the corn. During all the festivity, Matt has a premonition. He says an outside will come to the compound tonight and deliver an important match. He has his personal scribe transcribe all of it.


EC3 & Jessie Godderz vs. Aron Rex and Eli Drake

Match starts with Rex and Godderz. Carter tags in and starts working the arm on Rex before he tags Jessie back in as they continue working on the Grand Champion. Godderz continuese to work that left arm of Rex. Finally, when Carter is working over Rex, Aron is able to get a moment to tag in Eli Drake.

Carter gives chase to Drake around the ring. Before he can really get his hands on him, Eli tagsin Rex. Rex is take down by Carter and Jessie is tagged in. Godderz tries for the Adonis Crab but Rex fights out and tags in Drake. Eli is double teamed by the good guys as he comes in.

Impact goes to commercial to find Jessie Godderz the face in peril. Eventually a double clothesline leaves both Drake and Jessie down. Both men tag their partners and it's EC3 who comes out hot. EC3 is in the corner setting up his EC3 splash but Drake holds his leg from the outside preventing him from moving. This allows Rex to run in and attack Carter. He then tags Drake in who starts working over Ethan. The team of Drake and Rex take turn working over the One Percenter.

EC3 hits a neck breaker on Drake when Eli is working the sleeper. This allows Jessie to get the tag in and he comes in like a house afire.

Things break down. Drake hits a spring board forearm on Drake, but Drake isn't legal. Rex runs in and rakes the eyes of Jessie and then uses a foreign object on his hand to knock out Jessie for the 1-2-3.

Rex & Drake def. Carter & Godderz

The announcers talk up the fact that Rex was wearing rings on his fingers last week and today those same fingers have bandages over them.


Maria is in the locker room talking about how stupid Brandi Rhodes looked out there last week but Brandi hears her, storms in, and the First Lady runs off.

Grado is interviewed by JB. He talks about how his favorite holiday is Halloween. And he's got a trick tonight when he dresses up as something he's always wanted to.

Back with the Hardys, there were some trick or treaters. He asks them whether it's treat or delete. The children choose treat.. and he gives them green beans! And the kid hates them! They show a bunch of other children coming and the brother opening the door. Jeff sings them a song and Matt continues to give the poor kids green beans because "Nobody loves a fat Hardy"!

Rockstar Spud cuts a promo backstage about how he's tired of being overlooked. He says that he's got two allies in the X Division that DJ Z has overlooked, one of them a former X Division champion.

Grado/Robbie E/DCC segment

Grado comes out with a microphone and talks up "the best wrestler" Robbie E. He has Robbie come on out and tells Grado that whatever is going on is kind weird. Grado then tells him that for Halloween he wants to be a Grado. Then he runs to the back and comes back with a BroMan like outfit - which is a topless oiled up Grado with spray tan on his face! After being weirded out, Robbie finally gets into it

But then the lights go out and they are both attacked by the masked trio! The mystery men destroy the makeshift Bromans, ending with a piledriver on Grado! There's a titantron that says "DCC" as they leave, which is apparently their name.


They play a video from earlier today of Allie entering the empty arena. Aiden O'Shea and Billy Corgan are in the stands and call her over. Billy tells her that Maria doesn't make matches any more, he does. Allie says that she knows she's going to get her ass kicked tonight but she needs to stand up for herself. Billy agrees to book the match.

DJZ, Mandrews, & Braxton Sutter vs. Rockstar Spud, Crazzy Steve, & the Monster Abyss


After some action with Abyss and Sutter, Steve and Mandrews find themselves in the ring and Steve takes control. Spud tags himself in, has problems with Mandrews, and tags Abyss in quickly after. Mnadrews becomes the face in peril against the Decay duo. A standing double stomp gets DJ Z the tag who comes in and starts working on the Crazzy one.

Spud tags himself in and soon gets a ZDT and gets pinned by DJ Z.

DJ Z, Sutter, and Mandrews win


Brandi and Cody are interviewed backstage. Cody said Bennett isn't a Mriacle at all. He's just smoke and mirrors. (Whoa whoa!) Brandi simply says she's going to "make that bitch tap out."

Eddie Edwards/Bobby Lashley contract signing

JB, who is moderating, reminds them there is to be no physicality between them whatsoever until next week. He then says they can have their final comments.

Lashley says that every time they face each other it's pain for Edwards and fun for Lashley. Next week, he's going to destroy Eddie and the feel good story goes poof. Because the title needs to be on the shoulder of someone dominant, someone who can defend the company from all comers. That title around Eddie's shoulder is a joke. Bobby says the smart thing to do is forfeit the title.

Eddie says the smart thing would be to stand up and smack Lashley, but it's all mind games. He points out that Lashley took him lightly, that he was the "easy match."

Lashley admits he underestimated Edwards and that allowed Eddie to get lucky. But now he's going to make him pay next week. Edwards says he knows it's not going to be easy, but it's a fight he's not going to back down from. He signs the contract.

Lashley is about to sign but Eddie interrupts him, asking what if he signs it and he loses? What happens to Lashley if he drops two to Edwards? Will they see Lashley as dominant, or Eddie Edward's bitch?

This pisses Lashley off, who flips the table in anger, but holds back from any physicality. He signs the contract.


Laurel Van Ness is walking backstage and runs across Braxton Sutter. She tells him she sees how Allie looks at him but maybe they two of them can celebrate their victories together.

Back with the Haryds, there is a ring at the door and it's the Hurricane! He gets the delete and they slam the door on him! Matt asks Jeff where his costume is and Jeff excuses himself to get changed... and he comes back as Itchweeed! Itchweeed then talks really fast and does some type of jig.

Itchweeed is outside with a weed waker working on the lawns, making a Happy Halloween lawn art.

Laurel Van Ness vs. Allie

LVN starts with light shoves to Allie, who responds with a more powerful shove. But soon Van Ness has clear control of the less experienced Allie. Through all this, Allie lands a slap, but LVN lands a clothesline immediately and goes back to work on Allie.

She tosses Allie outside the ring and starts toss\ing her head into the ring apron. However, she takes too much time talking trash and when she goes to run into Allie, she hits the ring steps instead.

Allie gets her back in the ring and she's pissed! Spear by Allie, who unloads some fists. She gets a roll up by only a 2 count.

LVN then lands the curb stomp to the back for the 1-2-3.

Van Ness def. Allie


Back with the Hardys, two people dressed like Trump and Clinton roll up. Señor Benjamin then tazes Trump! Then Itchweeed asks what happened to those e-mails and Matt runs out showing "Delete!" Hillary is then chased off by Vanguard One dressed like a ghost.

Broken Matt then has his scribe write down the idea of Broken Matt for president 2016.


Backstage, Jessie Godderz confronts Aron Rex, accusing him of questionable tactics in his victories. Godderz says that isn't how a champion does in his eyes. He asks for another shot, which Rex grants him.

Back with the Hardys, a girl wearing a DCC mask delivers a video to Reby. They gather around and watch the video which is of the DCC challenging the Hardys for next week.

Backstage, Maria and Mike Bennett cut a promo on the Rhodes. The Miracle reminds Cody that he has done so much in TNA and he has what he doesn't have - the First Lady of Professional Wrestling. Maria calls Brandi a tenth of her and tonight Brandi will learn why Maria is the First Lady.


The Miracle Mike Bennett and Maria vs. Cody and Brandi Rhodes

Brandi is pissed walking to the ring, blowing past Cody and trying to get into a fight before the match starts.

The match looks to start with the women but Maria immediately tags out. Miracle nails a superkick for a nearfall immediately. Cody is able to hit a front suplex on Bennett. He turns around and receives a slap from Maria. Once again, Brandi tries to get in, but that distracts Cody and the Miracle takes advantage once again.

Impact goes to break and comes back with Cody still at the mercy of the Miracle. Cody starts fighting back outside, but Miracle ducks a clothesline and Rhodes ends up clotheslining the steel post. Miracle even does the wind up punch, mocking the Miracle but then runs against the ropes and accidentally knocks his wife off.

Maria is upset, but she uses the opportunity to go pull Brandi off the apron as Cody is about to finally make a tag. Miracle holds Cody as Maria is about to hit a low blow. But Cody moves and she hits the Miracle instead! Cody tags in Brandi, who goes right after Maria!

Maria is on the run but when she makes her way back in to the ring and finds herself face to face with Cody! Brandi lands some punches and then drop toe holds Maria into her husbands crotch. Then both Cody and Brandi lock in submissions, forcing the Bennetts to tap.

The Rhodes def. the Bennetts

As they leave to the backstage, tey shake hands with the crew... but then Lashley attacks Cody! Brandi tries to stop him but she is of no effect. Lashley looks at Cody and says "Nobody comes into my house without my permission."


That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching!

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