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TNA Impact Preview (Oct. 27, 2016): Hardy’s Halloween!


TNA Impact returns tonight (Oct. 27, 2016) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. As per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) How much time will Brandi Rhodes get in the ring?

Cody Rhodes failed to capture the TNA title in a title match against Eddie Edwards last week. In a sign of good sportsmanship, Edwards left the ring to Cody to have a moment with his fans. Cody’s wife Brandi came down to the ring to join him and that’s when things took a turn.

Maria Kanellis ran down and tossed Brandi into the ring steps and then retreated to laugh at the Rhodes.

Well that wasn’t going to sit well with one of wrestling’s families.

Third times the charm(sound issues)...FOR THE MARIAS & TNA

Posted by Cody Rhodes on Monday, October 24, 2016

I suppose that can be considered Brandi’s first TNA promo as well.

Maria’s feud with Gail Kim has showed that Maria can hold her own in the ring. But we don’t know much about where Brandi is since we’ve never seen her wrestle. So it will be interesting to see how often Maria and Brandi are mixing it up in the hexagonal circle tonight.

2) How much crazier is the Hardy household at Halloween?

We’re going to find out tonight!

Because on Impact, we’re going to visit the Hardy Estate on All Hallow’s Eve. Honestly, that place is pretty weird as it is, with the Lake of Transformation, battlegrounds tended for massacre, a bunch of crazy statues, and the Hardys themselves.

It looks like the only person who bothers dressing up for Halloween is Reby. (It is possible that Maxel has a costume there but Brother Nero is covering it up.) Then I suppose you can say Matt is dressed up all year round.

3) Who is on Rockstar’s Spud X Force Gold team?

Rockstar Spud was upset that he was left out of DJ Z’s X Force Gold, which is possibly a tournament but maybe not of random trios teams in the X Division that is happening for a a reason.

Because he was left off, he just made his own team and said he’d reveal his partners tonight.

There aren’t many people in the X Division left for him to choose as DJ Z, Braxton Sutter, & Mandrews are on one team and Marshe Rockett, Trevor Lee, and Andrew Everett. Who is even left in the X Division?

Perhaps this will be the reveal of some new talent. Or maybe it’ll just be Grado.

4) When will the Aron Rex heel turn complete?

TNA decided to start turning the former Damien Sandow heel after Bound for Glory after his face run was flailing. To start, two weeks ago he retained his Grand Championship against Jessie Godderz in a bit heelish, though legal, fashion.

Then last week, Eli Drake had Rex on his Fact of Life talk show and showed respect to Aron Rex, which heels don’t often do to faces. Later on, EC3 came down and got into a fight with Drake further a strong feud between the two men, and Rex tried to break it up. When an EC3 punch landed in Aron’s face for his efforts, Rex joined Drake for a 2 on 1 beatdown on Carter. Participating in a handicapped beat down of a face? You better believe that’s a heel move.

Jessie Godderz ran out to even the score and now Godderz will join forces with EC3 to face Eli Drake and Aron Rex. We’ll see tonight if this furthers the turn of Rex.

5) Is Allie any better at wrestling?

Last week, Maria, despite having no match making ability, made a match pitting Allie against Laurel Van Ness for tonight. Up to this point, Allie has had little to no wrestling skill in the ring. When she won the Knockouts Title, it was solely by accident.

Now it looks like she’ll have to defend herself much more often as she finds herself further and further on the outs with Maria. We’ll see if she’s picked up anything in her travels or if Van Ness has her way with everyone’s favorite assistant.

TNA Impact returns tonight on Pop TV at 8 EST. Who’s watching?

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