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Matt Hardy’s ‘Total Nonstop Deletion’ deleted by TNA financial & legal woes?

TNA’s financial and legal woes are well-documented. As the lawsuit Billy Corgan filed against the company proceeds, we’re learning more and more about an increasingly bleak outlook for the company’s future.

But while we wait for smarter folks to sift through filings and court reports, we’re wrestling fans and we want to know about pro wrestling. One item which came out earlier today (via Pro Wrestling Sheet) from unsealed documents from Corgan’s suit directly impacts something a lot of people were looking forward to seeing.

Impact Ventures had been planning a 3-day taping scheduled for November 1-3, 2016. However, on October 25, 2016, Impact Ventures postponed that event due to lack of funds.

The only taping TNA had planned for next month was an episode set to take place entirely on Broken Matt Hardy’s compound in Cameron, North Carolina, entitled “Total Nonstop Deletion”. Spoiler reports put this as the site of Tag Team Apocalypto title match, a Knockouts championship bout and more. Hardy heavily promoted the concept and teased the inclusion of tag teams from outside the company on Twitter, but has been silent about it lately - possibly an indication he knew there were going to problems with making it happen.

In more serious news - especially for performers relying on money they earned appearing on Impact Wrestling - is a claim from Billy’s lawyers that TNA is still not paying talent. His suit says Dixie Carter and company are using his restraining order as an excuse to not cut checks, but alleges that wouldn’t have the money to do so even if he wasn’t suing.

Before this is all over, missing a few glimpses into Matt’s “Broken Universe” will likely be the least of anyone’s concerns.