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Somebody else is suing TNA

If you want to sue TNA for money they owe you, the line forms to the right.

Wrestling Observer brought news of another new suit yesterday afternoon. This time, it’s Bankdirect Capital Finance, LLC. The company has filed suit in Illinois’ Cook County Circuit Court for $207,612.29 plus late charges, interest and attorney fees.

The lawsuit, brought back at the end of September, says Bankdirect lent TNA Entertainment LLC (the parent company back when Dixie Carter’s family’s Panda Energy was the majority stakeholder, prior to the formation of the current Impact Ventures, LLC with Dixie herself as principal owner) more than $400K to pay insurance premiums in November of 2015. Under the agreement, TNA would repay the loan with ten monthly installments of slightly more than $41,000.

The debt should have been repaid in August, but at the time of the filing, TNA still owed more the amount for which Bankdirect is suing.

Add this into the mix with monies owed to A01 Productions, the State of Tennessee, American Express and Billy Corgan, and TNA’s claims they’re not under water - which look to be a huge point of order in Corgan’s lawsuit against Dixie Carter & company - seem even more tenuous.

We should learn more about the state of the Corgan suit and TNA’s ownership picture later this week.

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