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Bobby Lashley doesn’t care about all the TNA rumors

Sci Fi Channel 2007 Upfront Party Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

TNA may or may not be going under, or may or may not be sold, or may or may not run shows like normal in 2017 without much changing at all, as has happened so many times before. Either way, Bobby Lashley, who just headlined Bound for Glory when it maybe wasn’t going to happen, couldn’t care less.

As he told The Fight Club Chicago:

“I’m not here to worry about what is going on behind the scenes. I’m just here to take care of what I’m supposed to do and getting in the ring. I’m pretty confident right now because since I’ve been in TNA, we’ve always had these same things happen every year. It’s like, ‘Oh, is TNA going to go under? What’s going on?’ There’s all kinds of rumors that get pushed onto the internet (saying), ‘Oh, TNA isn’t going to make it or we’re going to move to a different channel or something or another.’ So, once you have to deal with that one or two times, the third or fourth time, you don’t pay no attention to it and just keep going. So, I don’t even care about the rumors or anything like that. I know that TNA has been around as long as it has and Dixie assured us that things are going to keep going the way it should go.”

It helps that Lashley has outside endeavors, like his fight at Bellator 162 tonight (Oct. 21, 2016) in Memphis, Tennessee. It also helps that he’s likely one of the guys who wouldn’t have too much trouble finding work if TNA finally went under as the rumors have suggested for so long.

But it’s also just a great attitude to keep amidst such organizational turmoil.

Good for Lashley.

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