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Bound for Glory 2016 results: Bobby Lashley retains TNA title against EC3

The main event for Bound for Glory tonight (Oct. 2, 2016) was a no holds barred TNA title match between the champion Bobby Lashley and the challenger EC3.

The build was simple. Bobby Lashley was as dominant as anyone in recent memory and Carter was going to have an uphill battle if he wanted to defeat Lashley.

Much of the match was Carter just surviving the onslaught of Lashley, but finally, he was able to fight back. After his finisher, the One Percenter, didn’t work, he decided to set one up from the top rope onto a steel chair.

Unfortunately, Lashley shoved Carter off and hit a flying spear from the top rope to retain his title. Bobby Lashley will continue his dominant TNA title reign.

Who’s next for Lashley? Likely Moose who won his match against Mike Bennett tonight, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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