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TNA Bound for Glory 2016: The Decay vs. the Broken Hardys preview


The Decay (c) vs. the Broken Hardyz

GREAT WAR for the tag team championships

You’ve probably heard about the madness that is Broken Matt Hardy. If you’re a wrestling fan and just following wrestling a bit, the insanity of Matt Hardy has probably caught your attention at one point.

But in case it hasn’t, here’s a very quick recap. Matt Hardy slowly went crazy after doing the right thing continued to fail him and then after he broke bad, his brother Jeff turned his back on him. After losing two straight matches to Jeff Hardy, he was rebuilt by Seven Deities and he challenged his brother to a Final Deletion match on their property in Cameron, North Carolina. Matt won, deleting Jeff, who was now only Brother Nero, and winning the right to the Hardy name.

Got all that? Take a breath, because we’re jumping back in.

Now Matt had not only his wife Reby by his side, but his trusty gardener and the man who prepared the Final Deletion battlefield for massacre Señor Benjamin and his aerial assault robot Vanguard One. With a Broken army behind him, he was ready to turn his focus onto something new.

Matt’s new goal was to cure his Brother Nero of his spot monkey addiction while punishing him for his past transgressions at the same time. And part of that punishment was to make Brother Nero do all the fighting in tag team matches with the goal to win the tag team titles. Over a year back, the Hardys were TNA tag team champions, but Jeff broke his leg doing motorcycle jumps and Matt had to relinquish the titles.

Jeff first fought against his brother’s control, but an Obsolete Mule like Brother Nero can only fight so much. Soon he succumbed to his brother’s control. And together, they won a ladder match to become number one contender to the tag team titles.

Unfortunately for the Broken Hardys, the trio in control of the tag team titles are just as crazy as they are.

The Decay consists of a remade, beautiful Abyss, and Crazzy Steve, the carnival clown turned murder clown. Leading their charge is the creepy but charismatic Rosemary. And together they have no fear of the madness the Hardys bring.

The tag champs decided to strike first in order to send a message that the Hardys shouldn’t try to take what belongs to Decay. Their target: Matt’s son and the sole heir to the Hardy name King Maxel.

Rosemary went to the Hardy compound to try to abduct the young boy while the Brother Hardy Brothers were still at the Impact Zone in Orlando. However, Reby Hardy, wielding a sword, chased off the spooky siren. Now Decay had gone too far. They had targeted young Maxel Hardy and that would not stand. Reby instructed Señor Benjamin to do what he does best. Prepare the Battlefield for Massacre!

This led to the second deletion event, this one dubbed Delete or Decay. The Decay ascended on Cameron, North Carolina with the intent to abduct Maxel. The Hardys planned not just to repel the tag champs but to literally bury them. In this battle, neither team could be considered successful. The Decay failed to acquire King Maxel. But they kidnapped Señor Benjamin and Rosemary’s spit short circuited Vanguard One. The Hardys had been weakened.

With the Deities still on his side, Matt was able to put the pieces of his Broken unit back together. He asked them to replenish Vanguard One with the deleted essence of Jeff Hardy (meaning VG1 may actually be Jeff Hardy) and then his trusty drone was able to track down his friend Benjamin.

Now it was time to turn their attention back to Decay. Matt challenged his foes to the GREAT WAR for the tag team titles at Bound for Glory. We don’t know what that really means, but he says it’ll take them around the world. We’ll have to wait and see what that means. Maybe it’ll be a mixture of Final Deletion style video that leads back into a live segment. Maybe it’ll be something new altogether. Whatever it is, insanity will face off against madness tonight.

TNA Bound for Glory airs tonight at 8 EST on PPV. Here you can find our predictions for the matches, a preview of the undercard and Knockout’s title match. And tonight, keep it at for all your BFG coverage.