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TNA Bound for Glory 2016 results, live streaming updates: The Great War

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TNA’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV) is tonight (Oct. 2, 2016) emanating live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. This is your spot for the live results and to talk about the show with your fellow fans.

The bell time is at 8 EST and can be seen on PPV or on the fite TV app.

This show will feature EC3 trying to win his third TNA title from the dominant Bobby Lashley. Gail Kim will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and will be trying to win her sixth Knockouts title from her nemesis Maria. Plus Cody Rhodes debuts in TNA!

And of course, the Broken Hardy family (Matt, Jeff Brother Nero, Reby, Señor Benjamin, and Vanguard One) will be facing the Decay in the GREAT WAR with the Decay’s tag team titles on the line.

You can check out our predictions and our previews to get yourself ready for the event.

Bobby Lashley (c) def. EC3 to retain the TNA championship

The Broken Hardys def. Decay (c) to win the TNA tag team championships

Gail Kim def. Maria (c) to win the Knockouts championship

Moose def. Mike Bennett

Aron Rex def. Eddie Edwards to win the Grand Championship

Eli Drake wins the Bound for Gold Battle Royal to earn a TNA title shot

DJ Z def. Trevor Lee for the X Division championship



The show opens with Matt Hardy and Maxel playing the piano together. He then tells his son about the story of the Great War, which is used as a promo for the the different aspects of the show. Matt also tells his son that tonight, he's deleting the tag team title reign of Decay.

Trevor Lee vs. DJ Z (c) for the X Division championship

There's back and forth chain wrestling to start off. Trevor Lee uses a kick to Z's leg to try for the advantage but DJ Z responds with a drop kick. Trevor tries a couple different things to take charge, but Z has his number in the early goings.

DJ Z was setting up for a spring board into the ring, but the ref was blocking him checking on Trevor. That gave Lee enough time to hit Z with a big kick when DJ finally tried to jump into the ring. DJ Z falls to the outside and Lee follows up with a kick from the ring apron. This gives the challenge control of the match.

DJ Z takes some punishment for a little bit. Finally, he is able to catch Trevor coming off the middle turnbuckle with a flap jack. He goes up top himself but Lee runs up to meet him... but Lee hits a big Frankensteiner! He then follows up with a big clothesline. He goes for his rolling DDT but Lee rolls outside to avoid it.

The champ follows up with a dive over up the top rope. But as he slides Lee back in the ring, Lee hits a suicide dive of his own! Then when he goes to slide DJ Z in, Z follows up with a third dive onto Lee!

Back in the ring, Trevor Lee hits a flying bodyslam on the champ but only gets a 2 count. Lee then goes for his dead lift German Supplex but DJ Z lands in the electric chair position and hits a reverse rana! After a series of fun moves, Lee finally hits his German Suplex but DJ Z kicks out at 2!

After some more back and forth, Z goes for his ZDT but Trevor Lee counters with double foot stomps! Kick to the head! Only a 2 count!

When Trevor Lee goes to pick up DJ Z, Z hits what looks to be a Canadian Destoryer and follows up with the ZDT for the win!

DJ Z def. Trevor Lee


They show "earlier today" vids of both EC3 and Lashley arriving to the arena.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Drew Galloway. He says that his injury was inches away from him needing surgery. He says he went to management and they asked him to let him fight but they told him he was a liability. Drew says that he's a man who should be able to make his own decisions. He also said that they hold the match back for him later, but they refused. During the promo he alluded to Billy Corgan "buying the company."


Bound for Gold Battle Royal for a shot at the TNA title

Jessie Godderz and Rockstar Spud start. Jessie controls much of this. He tries to Gorilla Press Spud over but Spud slides down and low blows Godderz.

Braxton Sutter is the next man in the match and he comes right at Spud, who he has a rivalry with. Both he and Jessie work over Spud.

Eli Drake comes out next rocking a beard! That's important! he's almost immediately eliminated but lands on the apron. On his jump in, he's gets worked over by Sutter. But then he tosses Sutter over the top and eliminates him.

Eli Drake eliminates Braxton Sutter.

Robbie E comes out next and is a house of fire. The BroMans work together for a bit. ... scratch that, Robbie tries to eliminate Jessie but Godderz lands on the apron and now the BroMans go at it!

Baron Dax is out next. The BroMans get worked over by the three other men in the ring.

Grado is next out. He's immediately eliminated by Spud and then dances to the back.

Rockstar Spud eliminates Grado

Basile Baraka is the next competitor. He and his Tribunal mate start working together immediately. Robbie E and Baraka

Robbie eliminates Baraka
Dex eliminates Robbie
Jessie eliminates Dax

Tyrus is next out. Spud tries to work with his old mate, but instead gets eliminated by him.

Tyrus eliminates Spud

Mahabali Shera is next out. He standes toe to toe with Tyrus in the middle of the ring. The have a shoving contest and then Tyrus goes to work on Shera but Shera stands right back up to him. Mahabali goes to slam Shera but Drake nails him from behind... but as he charges Drake, Eli pulls the rope down to eliminate Shera

Drake eliminates Shera

Jessie tries to eliminate Drake but Drake locks his foot under the bottom rope to save himself. Meanwhile, Tyrus and Jessie go at it. Tyrus as control but Jessie is able to take him down with a springboard. He then tries to get him over the rope... then Drake slides in tries to eliminate them both... and he does! Drake wins!

Eli Drake win and earns himself a TNA title shot


JB interviews Gail Kim's husband Robert Irvine. Maria and Bennett interrupt and tells Robert to shoo because it's her night. He then says he has a premonition for tonight and that it's going to be very bad for Mike Bennett. JB and Irvine leave and the Bennetts put themselves over.

"The Miracle" Mike Bennett vs. Moose

Moose is introduced by a football team chanting Moose, playing up his football background. He's also wearing shoulder pads in case you briefly forgot he once played football.

Bennett spits on Moose and then Moose chases him around the ring. AS he gets into the ring after Mike, the Miracle takes the boots to him. Moose puts the Miracle down with drop kick....  and then looks to follow up with a dive to Bennett outside but Bennett slides in. Moose lands on the apron but Bennett knocks him over and dives over the ropes onto Moose himself.

However, outside, Moose catches a Bennett jumping at him and tosses him into the steel post. But when he runs at Miracle, he receives a back body drop onto the steel steps. Back in the ring, Bennett goes to work on his opponent.

Moose fires up with some chops but as he runs at Bennett, Mike kicks him low, sending the big man to the ground. Bennett starts working the left leg of Moose.

Once again, Moose fires back up. He hits a pop up powerbomb and then a running senton but only gets 2 on Bennett. A big clothesline can't get it done either. He tries for the Go to Hell powerbomb but Bennett rakes the eyes and hits a DDT. The Miracle follows up with a piledriver but isn't enough to put away the big man.

Then men start exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. When Moose tries to run up the turnbuckle and turn for a body block, Mike hits a cutter. Bennett tries for the MIP but Moose fights out. Bennett finds himself on the top rope and Moose finally hits the Go To Hell Powerbomb and follows up with the big clothesline for the 1-2-3.

Moose def. Bennett


Aron Rex is interviewed backstage saying while he prepared for Drew, he's used to having to adjust.

Rex vs. Eddie Edwards for the Grand Championship

It's announced that the matches are now five minutes and not three.

Round One: Eddie has control of Rex in the early going with some chain wrestling and a big drop kick. A shot to the head and a knee to the gut from Rex is quickly countered by a kick to the gut from Eddie and then a huricanrana. At the two minute mark, Rex hits a Russian leg sweep and some forearms to a downed Eddie, but Eddie comes back again. He hits a top rope bodydrop on the Rex and Eddie is owning this round. He follows up with a suicide dive onto Rex and both men are down on the outside.

Back in the ring, Eddie hits a drop kick and goes for a pin but only gets a near fall. He closes up the round delivering some forearms.

Eddie Edwards wins the round unanimously.

Round Two: Rex comes out very aggressive, wish some hits in the corner and a headlock on the mat followed up with some punches to the face. Edwards is able to hit a drop kick to buy himself some breathing room. He follows up with some chops in the corner. Rex is back on offense with an Indian Deathlock on Rex

The lights then go completely out because of course they do. They then put a spotlight on the men.

Eddie fights back with some strikes.

The lights come back on and the crowd goes wild.

Meanwhile, Rex gets a reverse Sharpshooter on  Edwards. He then starts striking the back. The round ends as Rex is working a submission.

Aron Rex wins this round unanimously

Round Three: Rex is back out aggressive in this round. Edwards fights back and hits a code breaker for a nearfall on Rex. He seems to be favoring his left knee. He goes for a move off the top but Rex moves out of the way and Eddie lands on his feet, tweaking his knee more. Rex takings control further and seems to be winning this round.

An enziguri to Rex on top leads to a battle on the top. Eddie gets shoved to the mat and Rex hits a swinging neck breaker. Eddie responds with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie misses a moonsault from the top rope and goes for his running elbow but Eddie hits a clothesline instead! Boston Knee Party from Eddie! But he's to exhausted to cover. The men trade strikes as time expires. Very even round.

Aron Rex Rex wins the round by split decision (despite the graphic being incorrect saying it's unanimous)

The men embrace after the match. After the match, JB interviews Rex Rex puts over Edwards and says he'll give him a rematch any time. He said they made history but it's only the first part. Stay tuned.


Gail Kim Hall of Fame induction

Christie Hemme and Taryn Terrell comes out and talk her up.

Awesome Kong also comes out as part of the induction!

Then Dixie Carter comes out and talks about how selfless Gail has always been. She introduces Gail, who comes out and they play a big video package for her.

Gail then speaks. She talks about how she wouldn't change anything in her time, even the lows which made her appreciate her highs. She says the business has exposed all the insecurities, but it was a life lesson that brought her strength, confidence, fearlessness, and passion. She thanks all the people who helped her along the way, her family, and her fans.

They presents her with a watch for the honor.



The Broken Hardy Clan vs. Decay for the tag team championships

Reby sits at a piano set up on the stage and plays Broken Matt Hardy out... and then transitions into the Obsolete song and Brother Nero comes out! Nero sings the Obsolete song! They go to the ring and lead the crowd in the "Delete" chant.

The Decay come out to their entrance, which is pretty cool, but it would have been nice to add a little to it for the big match.

At the beginning of the match, all three members of Decay spray the mist at Reby!

In the ring, Steve and Matt fight in the ring. Outside, Abyss is working on Brother Nero. Steve and Rosemary try to suplex Matt outside the ring through a table set up on the outside. He fights them off. However Steve attacks Matt with a trash can, holds it over Matt, and Rosemary hits coast to coast!

In the ring, Abyss and Jeff find themselves there. Abyss has a staple gun that he tries to use on the head of Nero. Jeff fights it off at first but when he tries to sunset Abyss, Abyss staples hit head!

Now Abyss and Matt are fighting their way to the back. Backstage, Abyss tosses Matt into a bunch of chairs set up and starts taking it to the Broken One. Meanwhile, Jeff and Steve fight backstage themselves. Steve is working over Jeff who is reaching for a bin LABELED "LAKE OF REGENERATION"! THEY BROUGHT THEIR LAKE!

Meanwhile, Abyss and Matt fight next to the Universal sign.

Steve spits into the lake and pours it on Jeff -- but then Jeff disappears!

Abyss and Matt fight further out into the grounds.

Jeff reappears with some weird character with goggles and tosses pumpkins at Steve. If that is someone from Jeff's past, I don't know who it is. Rosemary tries to interfere and he puts one of the pumpkins on her head. She spits mist into his face and Steve tells her to go aid Abyss.

Meanwhile, Abyss has the control of Matt. Rosemary shoes up with Janice to finish the job. But a truck pulls up and a random guy gets out and says he's on Team Delete and wants to fight him. So Rosemary kicks him in the nads.

Back to Steve, who is now contending with Willow!

In the bed of the truck, Matt shoots fire out of his hands and lights Janice on fire. The truck starts driving down the road as they continue to fight in the bed of the truck! They pull over and come face to face VG1 - who initiates poison mist protocol!

Willow takes Steve back to the ring and then comes out with a ladder. Steve fights Willow off and hits a senton into the Jeff against the ring steps. He turns around again and Willow is gone.

Off premises, it looks like Matt and Abyss are fighting back into the arena.  All the members look to be back in the live arena. Poetry in Motion in the ring on Abyss! Followed up by a Swanton by Nero and a Twist of Fight by Matt! Only a two count!

Abyss goes for his patented barbed wire board and tosses it in the ring. Oh make that two. Abyss tries to chokeslam Matt onto one of the board but Matt goes for a low blow. He then grabs the bag of tacks, puts them on the board, and side effects Abyss onto it. He then puts the other board on top... and then delivers a second rope elbow on the top! He goes for the cover- by Rosemary interrupts it!

Rosemary is on the apron looking to mist Matt... but Reby powerbombs her through a table! Nero then reappears, sets up a chair around the neck of Steve, and runs it into the post! They send Steve back in with the chair still around his neck and Matt hits a Twist of Fate!

Matt then sets up some tables and Nero sets up a ladder... and Matt grabs the ladder and tells him he's allowing him to indulge in his spot monkey addictions. They set Steve up on the table... and Jeff Swantons him through the table!

Jeff covers Steve for the win!

The Broken Hardys def. Decay to win the tag team titles

Backstage, Lashley reminds us he plans on hurting EC3 tonight.

Gail Kim vs. Maria (c) for the Knockouts title

Maria tells Gail that she's not cleared to wrestle, but Allie said that Maria must have misunderstood because the doctor said she could. Maria calls her an idiot and say she's not fighting.

When Gail Kim slides out, Maria smacks her and then is able to take control in the ring. Bennett comes out to ring side to help Maria keep control. While Bennett is distracting the ref, Maria uses her brace to nail Gail Kim but only gets a 2 count.

Maria is now ordering Allie toss the brace back in, but Allie overshoots it and it lands in Gail's hands. Gail tosses it out of the ring and then goes to work on Maria. She locks in the ring post figure four as the Miracle is flipping out on the outside.

Gail then gives Maria the double bird, hits Eat the Defeat, and wins with the 1-2-3.

Gail Kim def. Maria to win the KOs title

Post match, Bennett starts ranting about how it wasn't how it was supposed to go down. He complains about how everyone has been screwing him and now he is shutting this show down.

The lights go out and come back on and Cody and Brandi Rhodes are on the entryway! When Maria gets in Cody's face, Brandi gets in hers and delivers a knee. Then Cody and Mike go at it.... Beautiful Disaster from Cody to Bennett!

EC3 vs. Bobby Lashley (c) for the TNA championship

As JB is introducing EC3, Lashley spears him! He then forces JB to finish announcing him! When the ref asks if EC3 is good to go, Carter orders him to ring the bell.

Lashley has control of the challenger early. EC3 fights back with some chops but it's not enough and Bobby continues to work over Carter.

EC3 eventually fights back, including a suicide dive onto Lashley. As Lashley is regrouping on the ramp, Carter runs at him... and Lashley hits a HUGE spinebuster on the entry ramp! He then starts delivering the punches to Carter. Now Lashley starts unloading his brand of domination.

Finally Carter is able to hit a drop kick to Lashley, nail him in the corner, and then follow up with a throw. He hits a cutter (he didn't hit all of it) for a 2 count. However when Carter pushes Lashley into the corner, the champ comes out with a spear! 2 count!

Lashley sets up a torture rack but EC3 reverses it into a choke of his own. Bobby has the power to stand and tosses Carter off.

The men start exchanging moves. Bobby hits a running power slam for a nearfall. He then goes and grabs his world title and tries to nail Carter with it. EC3 ducks and hits the TK3 but is too exhausted to get a cover. When both men are up, it's EC3 who hits a German Suplex... and then a spear of his own! Nearfall!

Outside the ring, on the ring steps, EC3 calls Lashley a piece of shit, gets him in the firemans carry, and then drops him with the TK3 on the steel steps. He follows up with a frog splash in the ring but Lashley kicks out.

But then he misses with the EC3 splash and Lashley hits a spear. But that only gets a nearfall as well. This forces Bobby to get a chair to use. And he starts unloading on Carter. And then locks in the choke... but EC3 isn't yet choked out. He's fighting it!

He uses his momentum to sit and then stand up... and then he fights out of the hold! A series of clotheslines... and a series of German Suplexes a la Kurt Angle! One Percenter! 1-2... kick out!

Now Carter has the steel chair and nails Lashley once with it, puts Lashley on the top turnbuckle... but Lashley pushes him off... Spear from the top rope! Lashley retains!

Bobby Lashley def EC3 to retain his TNA title

That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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