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TNA might not be paying their credit card bills, either

Wrestling Observer brings word of another lawsuit against TNA, and I think we’ve officially run out of jokes to make about Dixie Carter and the current management of the company.

A July suit filed in the New York Supreme Court back by American Express Travel Related Services Company claims Impact Wrestling’s parent company owes $269,049.50 for “travel-related expenses”.

The allegation is TNA used their corporate account to pay for a variety of things, but never paid the bills. As is standard in credit agreements, the company agreed to make payments when they received their monthly statement, and cover court costs if American Express had to collect the money there were owed.

Add this to the 3.4 million tab they owe to production companies and the broadcast partner who funded Bound for Glory, the taxes they haven’t paid the State of Tennessee, whatever promises they may have broken to Billy Corgan (also suing them) and who knows what else?

Hopefully the talent got paid this past weekend...

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