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State of Tennessee files lien against TNA for unpaid taxes

In addition to not paying talent at times over the years, it now appears TNA hasn’t been paying their taxes.

David Bixenspan at SEScoops (who’s been doing his usual great job keeping on top of the latest crazy week in TNA history) reports the State of Tennessee issued a tax lien against TNA Entertainment LLC in September. The amount of unpaid taxes isn’t clear, but for a lien to be filed, it’s reasonable to assume there’s a sizeable debt.

Tennessee is within its rights to seize property from TNA if the back taxes aren’t paid. The company restructuring such that Impact Ventures, LLC is now the parent company of record does create a few more hoops the state will have to jump through to collect, but the debt follows the company - including to new owners.

The lien will likely result in Dixie Carter having to take a lower sale price for the company, as the new owners will be responsible for paying the taxes. If they’re not paid, Tennessee can seize assets from TNA - whoever owns the promotion.

Add this to a lawsuit & restraining order filed by President Billy Corgan (the latter believed to be to prohibit Carter from issuing more shares of the company and further muddying the ownership picture), another by former production company AO1, licensing issues with music rights and potential issues paying talent, and it certainly seems like the end is drawing near for at least the Dixie-era of TNA.

We shall see.

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