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Matt Hardy teases buying TNA, changing name

Since spoilers revealed plans for a full episode of Impact Wrestling shot on Matt Hardy’s Cameron, North Carolina “compound”, fans have theorized this could be part of an in-story end for the TNA brand.

While reports have varied greatly on who’s purchasing what, it’s known Dixie Carter is exploring options regarding selling her majority stake in the company, and current President Billy Corgan is interested in becoming the principal owner.

Hardy’s Tweets from earlier this afternoon, hyping the year-ending episode his character will host (dubbed “Total Nonstop Deletion”) with offers to buy the company and change its name, are definitely going to full the speculative fires:

Corgan has positioned himself as a major factor in TNA pushing the Broken Matt character and producing more non-traditional wrestling angles like “Delete or Decay” and now “Total Nonstop Deletion”. He’s also stated on more than one occassion his desire to change the company’s name away from an Attitude Era-esque double entendre.

Are these real world elements coming together with Matt’s “Broken Universe” for a kayfabe reboot of Impact Wrestling? Or is Hardy just expertly pushing the internet’s buttons once again?

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