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Report details TNA’s plans for the all-Broken Matt Hardy episode of Impact (spoilers)

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Taping at the Universal Studios backlot (aka Impact Zone) this weekend provided enough material to take TNA through the end of 2017... with one exception.

Set-up during Sun., Oct 9’s action was an episode to be filmed entirely on location in Cameron, North Carolina at Matt Hardy’s property - the compound made famous in “Final Deletion” and “Delete or Decay”.

A report from PWInsider reveals details of what is being planned for the show, dubbed Total Nonstop Deletion by the Broken One himself:

- The episode is expected to be filmed in Cameron during the first week in November.

- It’s expected to be the final episode of 2016, airing in December after the other footage shot in Orlando last week.

- Hardy’s promo from the tapings including inviting tag teams from across “time and space” to participate in the main event, which he referred to as “Tag Team Apocalypto”

- Mike Johnson’s sources indicate this will be a multi-team, falls count anywhere on the compound match.

- Invited during the promo were: "The Bucks of Youth", "The Express who Rocks and Rolls", "The Bulldogs who are British" and "The Days of The New".

- While none of those teams are confirmed (even the living ones), Matt & Jeremy Borash (who’s been involved in producing all the on-location Broken Matt material) are reaching out to teams not signed with TNA.

- Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve) and the Helms Dynasty (Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee) appeared set to participate based on spoiler reports from Orlando. It’s unclear if the Apocalypto match is separate from a match for Matt & Jeff’s tag titles.

- A Rosemary match, where she’ll defend her Knockouts title, is also set, along with a bout between Grado and the kangaroo from “Delete or Decay” - the one which houses the reincarnated soul of Smokin’ Joe Frazier.

- King Maxell, Matt & Reby’s one year old son, will make his “in-ring debut”.

You can’t say TNA is afraid to try something different.

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