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TNA spoilers from Oct. 9 tapings: Two new champs crowned, future Hardy craziness planned

Rafael Morffi on Twitter

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for TNA. But after some weather-related re-scheduling, the wrestling part is over - so now we can just focus on rumors about who’s buying what.

With their show yesterday, Sun. Oct. 9, at Universal Studios Orlando, the company announced they are done filming for the year. This footage (along with material shot last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on Oct. 8) will make up the remainder of Impact Wrestling’s 2016... along with one other episode you’ll learn about below.

Here’s what happened:

Note: There was an afternoon taping as well, but I haven’t been able to find a full report from that yet. The one thing of import which occurred was Moose def. Aron Rex to claim the Grand championship. Other events from that show may have been One Night Only stuff, but we’ll update this with anything pertinent that comes out.

- An announcement was made that Gail Kim was vacating the Knockouts title due to injury (according to PWInsider, Kim did suffer a “minor back injury” earlier this week).

- A Six-Sides of Steel match determined the new champ, and Rosemary def. Jade to earn her first KO’s title

- A promo segment is used to set-up DCC vs. Hardyz. James Storm, Bram & Eddie Kingston attack Jeff “Brother Nero” Hardy. The lights go out, and when they come up Matt Hardy makes the save and promises to DELETE the new stable.

- Mahabali Shera & Al Snow def. The Tribunal in a Double Indian Strap match

- Impact being back on Thursdays means they get to do Thanksgiving gimmicks again! A segment was shown with a bunch of Knockouts backstage around a Thanksgiving dinner spread. Allie accidentally hit Maria Kanellis in the face with a pie when she was aiming for Laurel Van Ness. Maria claimed Allie was jealous of Laurel’s relationship with Braxton Sutter. She berates her assistant until Allie snaps and slaps Kanellis. Maria, Laurel and Sienna stomp Allie down, and Kanellis says she’s fired.

- The Hardyz def. DCC (Eddie Kingston & Bram) to retain the tag titles

- Ethan Carter III calls out Eddie Edwards to warn him he’s failed twice to regain the World title, and he won’t fail again.

- Allie gets a match against Laurel; if she wins she gets a contract as a wrestler. Marie & Allie argue about whether she’s trained with Allie claiming Braxton has been working with her. Allie wins. Marie tried to cheap shot her, but got caught and tried to run away. Brandi Rhodes stopped her and threw her back in the ring.

- Moose shows off his new Grand championship, and Aron Rex shows up demanding a rematch.

- Moose def. Aron Rex to retain the Grand championship

- Broken Matt Hardy says he has plans for something that will out-do Final Deletion, Delete or Decay and the Great Way. It will be an episode-long battle at his compound where King Maxell will debut (as a wrestler, I guess?). It will be called “Total Non-stop Deletion”. He issues a challenge to any “legendary” team. Shane Helms comes out and says Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee will take that challenge. Decay comes out and says they will, too.

- Mandrews def. Aiden O’Shea

- Eddie Edwards vs. EC3 ended in an no contest. Carter tapped, but Edwards shoulders were on the mat for three while it happened.

- We learn Rosemary will defend her KOs crown at Total Non-stop Deletion.

Thanks to Rafael Morffi on Twitter for our header image

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